Hailing from Maryland, Shiloh June finds herself a long way from home in the wilds of Southern California; Her singular singing talent is finding its way handily enough, however, through the slush pile of modern music. It is the latest peak in a journey beginning with classical voice lessons at nine years old and a 10 year partnership in the duet alex&shiloh. She’s establishing herself as a memorable new voice on the local California scene, but her talents are considerable enough to command a broader audience. Her latest single “Down” is a harbinger of even greater victories to come.

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You can hear it in the atmospheric theatrical manner she adopts for the vocal arrangement, production, and overall atmospherics. It has a strong sense of construction audible from the first. “Down” never sounds over elaborate, however, and the song’s surprisingly stripped-down sound helps deepen its impact. June has an elastic and fiery voice that dramatizes the lyrics with the same level of artistry. The production provides plenty of oomph to the proceedings without ever sounding garish.

The song’s running time likewise shows artistry. Shiloh June and her collaborators in the studio and behind the board show exquisite taste cutting the track to a manageable length. “Down” never overextends itself. Instead, the track moves from one passage to the next with a confident trajectory and Jane eschews any self-indulgence. Returning to the lyrics, June opts for words in the singer/songwriter confessional vein as there is a level of intimacy here we don’t hear from many songs.

They have a conversational rather than mock poetic slant. June, nevertheless, composes clear and intelligent lyrics for the track that escape any overwrought flourishes. The balance between musical material and verbiage is well-attuned; few, if any, listeners will feel like things are askew. “Down” is a complete listening experience that does not favor one component over the other.

Jane has a robust voice well suited to this sort of autobiographical material and, likewise, excels in pop-oriented surroundings. Her vocal control is a big part of her success, as well – she expresses the song’s emotions while delivering an intensely musical performance. She has the seasoned skills of a professional despite her relative inexperience and the effortless manner she uses to carry the song dovetails nearly with the arrangement. It’s a perfect marriage of sound and verbiage for the track.

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Shiloh June’s versatility will only continue to grow. She has the necessary skills to succeed in the pop world as well as the talent to make a substantive impact through her work. “Down” is far from disposable. It’s the latest signal that Shiloh Jane continues blazing her own path through the modern music world without ever lapsing into cliché or well-worn, if not limp, musical tropes. We are in recognizable territory here. The difference, however, is how we are guided by a masterful singer who puts her own stamp on each second of the song. Shiloh June’s “Down” is a keeper and harbingers even greater accomplishments to come. 

Garth Thomas