Israeli born and based vocalist/songwriter Sheer Haimov is carving out a growing reputation as one of the most compelling pop stars around. Her new single “Ruin Your Life Mode” highlights her skills and idiosyncratic yet accessible way with language without ever losing sight of entertaining the listener. It isn’t often that the pop world births a performer capable of balancing pleasing the audience with fierce individuality. Haimov, however, has evidenced that particular talent from the outset. 


The build for the track is outstanding. A brief synthesizer shimmer opens the track before it segues into an airy yet slinky groove. The lack of instrumental clutter puts a spotlight on Haimov’s voice and many listeners will be grateful for it. For those listeners, Haimov’s seductive qualities will be apparent from the outset and there’s an additional emotive tone to her singing that leaps out. 

The lyrical content is often specific, always sharply observed, and thoroughly contemporary. Haimov is writing in a definite tradition with this song and the personal touch she brings to each line will further ingratiate herself with the target audience. The words will have broad appeal, however, as virtually every adult has experienced, in some form, the difficulties she portrays in her writing. It doesn’t wallow in petulance or immaturity. The early 20’s is often a time for that in life but it is clear that Haimov’s life experiences temper such qualities in her.

Superb production and expert self-editing are, as well, keys to the song’s success. The song seems longer than its three plus minute running time, but never in wearisome fashion. Haimov, instead, packs an abundant amount of musicality into the song and adroitly handles its transitions. The production, as well, balances the competing elements driving the track without ever focusing on a single element at the expense of others. Every area of this single shows her resolute dedication to crafting a complete and invigorating performance.

She has a number of singles to her credit now and her reach has gone global. “Ruin Your Life Mode” crosses boundaries, arbitrary and otherwise, to create a musical experience that every listener can relate with. Sheer Haimov has traveled immense internal distances to arrive at where she is today and this new single indicates her journey is far from complete. There are even higher peaks ahead. “Ruin Your Life Mode” places her in the dawning vanguard of young performers and writers while maintaining the necessary accessibility for listeners of every age and persuasion. Let’s accompany her on this journey and see where she takes us next. 

Garth Thomas