Sean V Syndicate is a rock band that recalls in my mind classic rock from the ‘70s and ‘80s. The band was formed in 2014 by guitarist/songwriter Sean Virag. Virag also gets help from Erik Friedman (bass/vocals/harmonica), Drew Bertrand (drums), Mike Katzman (organ/piano), Katie Pearlman (drums/vocals), Rorie Kelly (vocals), Jeff Pearlman (organ) and Don Torillo (alto/tenor saxophone) to realize his sound. Together the band makes the sort of rock anthems that is a direct throwback to the golden era of rock with their latest album Written In Your Scars

Written In Your Scars gets going with “Avalanche,” where some guitar and sax enter the sound for a revved vibe. Virag’s vocals are smooth and I was instantly reminded of classic rock acts during the ‘70s and ‘80s. This rock ballad anthem just builds and builds with emotionality. I liked the airy sounds and felt carried away by the music. Kelly’s vocals arrive on “The Voice That Speaks Through Me” for a moving display of sounds. The organ also sounds top-notch here. There was some Americana and country-bent vibes to this track, which I thought was great. Slowly, Virag’s vocals enter the sounds. I was feeling moved by his compelling vibe. A wall of guitars arrives at the start of “On The Road With Jesse James.” Virag’s vocals are brimming with attitude and sass. The organ in the background is a dull roar. The sound was really moving. The energy of this song was great.

A dramatic drumming beat arrives at the start of “Rising Up (To The Devil’s Cheek).” The racing beat continues and ramps up the adrenaline for this track. Virag’s vocals here are spewed out in a fast-paced fashion as well. I was loving the amped energy of this number. The music felt fresh and happening on “Behind The Silhouette.” I was instantly reminded of ‘80s rock music. The organs also sounded great \. Virag’s vocals come in with tons of mood and feeling. I was reminded of artists like Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp. “Last Man Standing” had a spaghetti western vibe that instantly reminded me of the Wild West. It also recalled in my mind Tarantino films. This was an exciting rock song that really had some great energy to it.

On “Lonely Inside,” some more organ and other instrumentals come in for a hazy sound. The smooth lounge vibes continue for a while. Some sax also enters. Next, some sparse guitar riffs come in as Kelly’s background vocals reel you in. There’s a touch of blues here as Virag belts out his vocals with feeling. On “Deep Down,” some more energized organs come in here for a revved approach. Virag sings with feeling and verve. He really belts out the lyrics with gusto which I thought was great. Driven instrumentals arrive with a moving sound on the title track “Written In Your Scars.” The guitar riffs sound out with a great appeal. Virag’s smooth vocal harmonies sound really soothing. I thought this was a great way for the band to end the album.

Followers of classic and modern rock will find something worthwhile here. The band’s great rock sound soars with airy guitars and driven vocals. I loved every moment of this record. Though the band seems to be going by the Rock 101 handbook here, I think they bring something unique to the table with their soulful renderings. The band definitely throws everything they have into their music and there’s no holding back. From beginning to end, they sounded great! Be sure you give this a spin today!

Garth Thomas