Flip Creative Publishing proudly announces the release of Way of the Cobra by Sean Kanan.  Welcome to the dojo of life, where author, producer and actor, Sean Kanan is your Sensei and shares the tactics and strategies necessary to unleash your inner badass!

Sean’s last book, Success Factor X, co-authored with Jill Liberman, was an Amazon new release best seller and offered wisdom, advice, and inspiration from notable figures such as Mark Cuban, Anthony Robbins and first female billionaire, Sara Blakely on achieving extraordinary success in their various fields. In his third book, Way of the Cobra, Sean imparts a plan of action to the reader on how to be a disrupter in their own life to set and achieve their goals. “Transform yourself and you can transform the world.”  Way of the Cobra is packed with motivation and practical guidance on how to set and achieve goals and how to create meaningful change.  “The one thing a COBRA does not respect is the status quo, not in themselves, their relationships or business. If you are not constantly seeking to improve, you stagnate and will eventually erode. Every day and in every way, you must make a continued effort to improve EVERYTHING. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Remember fax machines? Stores on every corner that offered facsimile services. They have now gone the way of the dinosaur. Maintaining success proves much more difficult than achieving it in the first place.”

Kanan, as Sensei, deftly inspires and instructs his students on battle-tested techniques on how to define their most authentic and successful self.  COBRA itself is an acronym for character, optimization, balance, respect, and abundance.  Kanan not only shares some of his own experiences from landing the breakout role of Mike Barnes, aka, “The Bad Boy of Karate” in the Karate Kid III film but tells how he almost lost the role and his life in the process!

Way of the Cobra is now available at WayoftheCobra.com