Scott & Sabrina’s love story shines through on their Spectra Music Group debut album, Blessed. The traveling recording artists are both singer/songwriters and multi-talented musicians. Their music is known as fresh, modern country. You could say these two soulmates remind you of Johnny Cash and June Carter. Despite the trials they faced, their love for one another never died. The country duo resides in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The couple plays their original material at local bars. According to Lake Havasu Living Magazine, Scott & Sabrina became instant best friends when they first met in Oregon and bonded over music. Spectra Music Group chose the duo out of many bands, and the rest is history.

The first track, “Kiss You Forever,” perfectly sums up their love for one another. It incorporates rock instrumentals and guitar riffs that stand out with the melody. The couple ran away from Oregon, and their next track, “Runaway,” describes escaping from a bad situation. “Sick of finding out you toss my name around/ I wish they could see it through my eyes/ But it’s alright/ I ain’t gonna lie/ I ain’t heartbroken tonight.” This track reflects on having resilience through the trials faced and needing to get away from it all. The music video shows the couple singing at a local bar. Their vocals harmonize beautifully together in this song. Track 3 and the title of this debut album, “Blessed,” also reflect on a past relationship and appreciating the love you have now with someone else. “So hard not to hate you/ But I guess that I should thank you/ Cause since I’ve left/ I’ve been nothin’ but blessed.”

“I’m Gonna Love You” is a promise to be there for each other through the good and bad times. “Every hard time/ Every tear you cry/ I’ll be right by your side/ I’m gonna love you for the rest of my life.” This song is also in their wedding video on YouTube. The couple was married on August 18, 2022. This ballad is a great song to slow dance to and has a beautiful arrangement but a raw performance. “Soulmate” reflects on their love and connection with one another. “You can call it divine/ Or you can call it fate/ But darling either way/ I know you’re my soulmate.” This song also features a rap by Scott’s son, Carston. “Home” is another song that describes their soulmate connection and leaves the audience with a warm feeling. “I’ll be yours for the rest of my life/ I’m gonna love you even after I’m gone/ Cause baby, I’ll be home/ And baby, you are my home.” This song makes you believe in true love again.

Scott & Sabrina’s debut album, Blessed, is now available. The couple wrote the six original tracks on the album. Their debut showcases harmonizing vocals, messages of escaping from trials faced, and an expression of their love for one another. They experiment with different sounds and genres. You can also find the couple covering songs from other genres live. Their combination of rock, pop, country and hip-hop stand out on this album and create a unique sound. Fans can identify with their lyrics; whether they are experiencing a breakup, escaping from a situation, or falling in love, there is a song for most on this album. Many will be able to relate to this couple and slow dance to a few of their songs. Their bold, modern country sound is memorable on this debut. The couple recently announced on their Facebook page that they would perform live with their first full band for the fall show and premiere their newest original song, “Angel in Cowboy Boots.” If you are in the Lake Havasu area, you won’t want to miss seeing these two soulmates live. 

Reviewed by Jenna Provenzale