The creativity and imagination powering Savarre’s latest single “Blood Under the Bridge” is obvious from the beginning. She goes in for some musical sleight of hand and coaxes listeners into a false sense of security before lowering the boom. It isn’t quite hell-bent for leather in terms of tempo, but the full band arrangement erupts with concussive force after the introduction.


The guitar, bass, and drums are driving hard with a minimalist slant. “Blood Under the Bridge” is a curious balance. It has the sound of a stripped-down and economical production; I hear great care taken to render each instrument for listeners yet produces a formidable wall of sound. It has the effect of a flying brick wall. The verses present an opportunity to highlight the song’s bass playing. It is busy without ever risking extravagance and keys itself to complementing the drumming.

It is impossible to ignore the song’s theatrical overtones. “Blood Under the Bridge” is a miniature drama in length, but the band’s treatment of the song and subject matter lends it a life-changing atmosphere. The stakes feel high – this is something listeners will always respond to, the feeling of a singer belting the words out for their lives, laying themselves on the line in some way to convey the importance of this moment.

Shannon Evans is more than capable of delivering that and has the gift of nuance as well. Her voice has every bit of the same rising and falling quality I hear in the violin-laced introduction, but it’s naturally amped up to reflect the demands of her role. Her phrasing is the biggest factor influencing the song’s sense of stakes.

You believe every word from her mouth. This isn’t merely performance; it comes across as full-blown catharsis. The incongruous intimacy she produces with her voice isn’t embarrassing, however, you never want to “turn away” from such an outpouring of emotion. It’s galvanizing, instead. I hear an artist in full flight, inspired by the exercise of her expressive powers, and expect her skills will only grow with each new release.

She has a definite vision of where she wants to go and “Blood Under the Bridge” proves she knows how to get there. It is likely that we’ve only scratched the surface of her talents but Savarre, I believe, presents the perfect vehicle for Shannon Evans to make an artistic impact and they never sound like anything less than a genuine band. This track will reaffirm her promise for already existing fans while undoubtedly impressing countless newcomers. It’s a track with potentially wide commercial appeal, thanks to the attention-grabbing personality leading the way. She has the undeniable star quality essential in our world today and the intelligence to present herself in the most memorable way.

Garth Thomas