The collaboration between musical artists Sammi Rae and Los Vegas has paid enormous dividends for both performers. They boast an assortment of singles already, including “Escapate” and “Ella Se Atreve”, among others, and the latest “City Lights” promises to build on the momentum they’ve generated working together. It’s a potent single certain to translate well to the stage and Sammi Rae’s vocal prowess is such that there’s no question she can reproduce the same sound for a live audience she achieves in a studio setting. Five star production values likewise distinguish “City Lights” from the vast majority of modern pop singles produced today and the substantive approach Rae and Los Vegas bring to the material immeasurably strengthens the presentation. “City Lights” will further burnish the reputation of these performers and entertain countless listeners.


The song has a musically light touch and exerts its effects through a process of accumulation rather than showing all its cards at once. The gradual build defining the musical arrangement for this song is an example of the artistry Rae and Los Vegas continue refining with each new release; the gentle touch of keyboards and light percussion opening the track sets a memorable tone for everything that follows. The song avoids any sort of extraneous clutter you might hear in lesser pop songs; everything here is streamlined and serves a purpose rather than acting as meaningless gloss and tinsel. Moreover, “City Lights” has the right duration as we;; – Rae and Los Vegas avoid the sort of self indulgent song craft that sinks other tunes and, instead, focus on getting the performance over for listeners rather than entertaining themselves.

The bilingual nature of the track should pose no impediment to listeners – Los Vegas communicates through tone and style of delivery, if nothing else, and you can feel the physicality defining his performance. Rae has a classically beautiful voice, a voice capable of adapting to many different styles, and she excels here bringing the right amount of gravitas and playfulness alike to the performance. Her phrasing has multiple strengths – it emphasizes her sensual gifts as a vocalist while never sounding crass and has a bounce well matched by the musical arrangement. Los Vegas’ contributions in this area are her equal – he doesn’t command as much time and space as Rae, overall, but his loose and appealing confidence provides a striking contrast to her performance.


The lyrics are accessible while still retaining clear intelligence. They are tailored to the musical arrangement and the respective talents of both Rae and Vegas, but they nonetheless are far from the placeholder type of lyrical content you typically encounter in performances like this. Sammi Rae and Los Vegas strike gold again with the single “City Lights” and their obvious chemistry propels this tune forward in ways weaker artists could never match or capture. It’s clear why they continue to work together and there’s no indication they are close to exhausting their creative potential as a collaborative duo. It’s a single that lingers in memory long after the final note.

Garth Thomas