Samara Brown grew up in Bronx NY in a very religious and musical household. She naturally got her start singing in church from the age of 5. Samara was first introduced to secular music in college and found her calling in musical theater. After graduating, she joined a jazz trio and began traveling abroad to perform. She has performed in Russia, Spain, Indonesia, Morocco and China. Samara was recently seen singing on Season 21 of The Voice and singing the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden and Barclay’s Center. Samara currently resides in Brooklyn where she is working on her first album.

Hi Samara! Thank you for taking this interview! You all are STELLAR! We CAN’T wait for YOUR UPCOMING performance. Tell our audience about it! 

I’m so excited and nervous about this show because it’s the first show with my original music since 2019. I’m opening up the night with a lively set to give the audience an idea of the music I wish to release for my future EP. It’s at the cool, intimate yet lively spot SOB’s in Manhattan and I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to share my gift at this amazing live music venue. More than anything, I want everyone who comes to have a good time, to dance, laugh, eat, drink and most importantly to find something in the music that will enrich their soul. 

How important is the chemistry at the venue between you and the audience when you’re performing?

I think that chemistry between the artist and their audience is of prime importance. I want the audience to have a good time and to gain something passionate for themselves from the experience. It also helps me if there is chemistry with the audience because that then gives me the energy and motivation I need to give a more passionate performance. 

Does stage fright ever hit right before a set? How do you work through that? 

Sometimes I’ll have stage fright before a set but most times in pretty calm. If I am nervous I try to use that energy towards my performance. 

What kind of experience will your fans get at a show of yours?

I like to connect with everyone. I can get a bit silly on stage so it can be a very safe and open experience where I might crack a couple jokes. It can be a very intimate emotional moment for me where I’m trusting the audience with something very personal so that our connection can become a bit deeper. 

Any fun fan moments at a concert you can share?

Well, most moments with my fans could be considered fun. I did have one fan try to pay me $200 to sing one song just for him after the set. I took the money of course. 

Before you go, can you give us some scoop on what’s NEXT now in your musical journey? 

I’m working very hard to complete my very first EP. I’m aiming to release it around next Spring. It’s music that I’ve been holding onto for so long so it’s going to be a very vulnerable and emotional album for me, which is why I can’t wait to release it. For now you can come to my live shows where I will be performing my original music, including my upcoming show at SOB’s on 10/17 at 7pm. Link for tickets is:


Let us know all about your music right now and where our audience can listen to everything you put out to support!

At the moment I don’t have any of my original music released, but to stay up to date on when I do release music you can follow my Instagram at @samarabrownofficial or follow my website at

End of Interview