Indian songwriter Vineet Singh Hukmani returns with his new single “Run! Run! Run!”, an introductory blast of catchy electronic pop heralding the arrival of his latest project. Hukmani never lacks ambition, and his latest release is an anthem for a conceptual multiverse. It is a companion piece for Run Storm & the Hope Star, a comic book built around his superhero alter-ego named Run Storm, and an accompanying 3D animated film. It isn’t his first foray into multimedia releases. His short story collection Nine drew its inspiration from Hukmani’s mind-spinning success in 2021 and beyond scoring nine #1 hit singles in succession. This, however, goes more than a few steps further.

We should applaud his far-reaching vision. Hukmani isn’t sitting on the fence or abiding by the traditional paradigms for musical works. Instead, he pushes the envelope and embraces freewheeling daring that challenges listeners and engages their imagination. He’s also addressing needs our world has more than ever before. Hukmani recognizes that a planet torn by violence, war, polarization, and prejudice needs heroes more than ever, fictional or not, that we can rally behind and derive hope from. We need to escape from the everyday horrors of the news. His superhero Run Storm provides that.

The music and singing alike are up to that challenge. The electronic arrangement throbs for the song’s entirety and casts an exuberant spell over listeners. Uptempo tracks and electronic instrumentation invariably work well together, and “Run! Run! Run!” is no exception. It’s a fantastic number to enjoy on multiple levels. The single will work well as a dance number. The unbroken physicality it has from the first through final notes practically compels listeners to move and the vocal melody crackles with energy.

His voice is ideally suited for that vocal melody. Hukmani’s voice glows with charismatic enthusiasm that’s infectious and dovetails seamlessly into the arrangement. He knows how to frame his voice for the best results. His vocal tone is inviting and draws listeners in without any signs of strain. The song comes to him naturally and we feel confident in his abilities from the outset. Hukmani has the song under control.

It is a perfect length as well. None of Hukmani’s works taxes listeners’ attention and “Run! Run! Run!” doesn’t waste our time with meaningless self-indulgence. He’s here with purpose and fulfills it with an eye towards what the song needs, nothing else. The single is the next stunning step into the unknown for Vineet Singh Hukmani and it’s impossible to not feel a little inspired, at least, but his willingness to venture into the unknown.

He inspires us to follow. Run Storm & the Hope Star will likely garner him a bevy of new fans and they won’t be the fly by night variety. They will keep coming back for more. Hukmani is building the sort of career that begets a real legacy because his music and imaginative vision is far from disposable. He’s a true and well-rounded artist in every sense of the term. 

Garth Thomas