Ron Kerner Demonologist installed as Vice President of The Paranormal Hall of Fame.

Mr. Kerner was inducted into the Paranormal Hall of Fame on September 15, 2020. His expertise and drive to preserve the world of the paranormal in all genres earned him notice. Subsequently, because of his vast knowledge of the paranormal, he was installed as Vice President of The Paranormal Hall of Fame on Sept 24, 2020. Ron will oversee the day to day vetting and nomination process of future inductees. Kadrolsha Ona Carole the current sitting President of The Paranormal Hall of Fame and is thrilled with Mr. Kerner’s knowledge and professionalism. She feels he is the right person for the job and is looking forward to working with him.

Ron Kerner formally known as Ronnie “The Rottweiler” Kerner is a former organized crime figure, boxer, and actor.

Ron has multiple degrees in demonology and paranormal phenomenon. Kerner is schooled in all major religions and the history of the occult.

He is an ordained Rabbi and is also a master of the dark arts and demonic worship.
A master of ancient prayer including Latin, Aramaic, and Hebrew.

Fearless, he is capable of summoning, manipulating, and trapping demons and demonic entities. He can use to do his bidding and can control them.

To date, Ron has trapped and bound numerous demons and dark entities to various vessels.

The Paranormal Hall of Fame organization was formed to give thanks and credit due to people in the paranormal industry, in all genres of the paranormal, both past and present.

The Paranormal Hall of Fame is a factual / merit-based system (recognition of a person’s achievements) for all inductees in a variety of genres and categories.

Our researchers/vetting look at the factual merit of the individual, invention, contribution along with documented proof much like forming a Wikipedia page.

The Paranormal Hall of Fame was created to preserve the facts and merits of the Paranormal industry for generations to come.