Thrills and chills await the body in the new turbo-charged hit “Roller Coaster” from Kelvin Frazier, Ph.D. It’s a sure fire heart kick starter and exhausts the listener into wanting more and more. “Roller Coaster” almost gave me shin splints trying to keep up with its energy and infectious vivaciousness.


The voice and artist behind “Roller Coaster” is a self-described “Renaissance Man”. Born and raised in Georgia, his childhood revolved around his church choir. His grandmother happened to be the church choir director and his passion for music echoes in each of the positive lyrics in “Roller Coaster”. The doctorate title is his earned degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in physical chemistry. Now based in Los Angeles, Frazier also performs with CaliWorship Mass Choir, volunteers and teaches organic chemistry at California State University- Dominquez Hills. Frazier’s “Marked and Scared” nabbed the No. 25 spot on the Billboard R&B chart. Among the venues he’s performed in are the famed The Apollo and House of Blues.

Back to that passion, that drive – “Roller Coaster” has this unstoppable beat. Fans that love Macklemore and Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us” will be in heaven listening to this track. The music bed is full of zips and zingers. Frazier’s zest is palpable, especially when he sings “wind goes through my boy like a music scene, more than I can dream”. I loved that line! The excited feeling of a new relationship, where you’re not sure yet where it’s going to go, but you’re starry eyed at the idea of someone sharing the same feelings as you. This song could also be about a long-term relationship and the ups-and-downs. Frazier really takes advantage of all the thrills that an actual roller coaster gives, adding lines like “I’m going to risk it all” or “patiently awaiting, got me screaming now.” I had a little trouble keeping up with the chorus because I was dancing so much, but be assured, it does include the words “roller” and “coaster”. Excuse me while I catch my breath, I’m still dancing.

His voice is always positive and uniquely ensconced in a song that is so rapid. He sings from his soul, from his gut. The track falls into the R&B category, but really it’s also a strong pop song. I so appreciated that the song didn’t include curse words or degrading lyrics. Frazier sings with confidence and bravado, but he has hints of shyness, or a softness in his voice. What a great vehicle to let fans into knowing more about your music with this song. I would love to see this song performed live, to feel his energy.


The chemistry is there – Frazier has that sound that makes you want to keep listening to “Roller Coaster” over-and-over. Just like when you were you a kid you were screaming and yelling and probably scared out of your mind, but the first thing you said when the ride ended, again! I suspect “Roller Coaster” will be repeating many playlists again-and-again. It’s worth the ticket to ride Kelvin Frazier, Ph.D.’s “Roller Coaster”.

Garth Thomas