Creators, Jerry G. Angelo and Joe Lujan have just released  the Official Trailer for their Sci-Fi/Action Horror hybrid, Obscura.  

Starring Jerry G Angelo (American Warfighter, Trigger Warning, Better Call Saul), Robert LaSardo (The Mule, Death Race, CSI Miami) and up and coming, heavy hitter, Aubrey Trujillo.

CIA operatives collide with an outlaw biker gang and all-hell breaks loose as both sides search for missing team members.

If looks can kill, Obscura takes first prize; and by the looks of it, casualties are unavoidable. 

Directed by Joe Lujan (The Immortal Wars Franchise) and Jerry G. Angelo.

This Official Trailer sets the bar for summer 2022!

Produced by RokitPig & Carcass Studios in association with Cool Red Star, Road Lizard Productions and Mango Arts & Entertainment.

Watch the official trailer for Obscura here: