The charismatic and magnetic, INDIGO, has released her latest single, “Rock The Boat.” It’s a story and a title, almost as old as time, but INDIGO offers her own spin and some Caribbean stylings for her part. Bearing a resemblance to a young Beyonce, INDIGO combines a traditional beauty with a clever innocence, and has the skills to match. Her vocals on “Rock The Boat,” are able to capture both the joys of being in love and the pain of losing it. While the song itself is written and produced well, it’s the emerging starlet who really steals the show.

INDIGO has said that she wanted to take a slightly different approach to the break-up song. She admits that she was truly devastated by the end of a relationship, but that she didn’t want to solely focus on the negative. She wanted “Rock The Boat,” to also capture the bliss of love and why it’s so treasured. In some ways, you could view “Rock The Boat,” as part of her maturation process. She realizes that there is nothing to gain by suffering from what’s over, but to rather smile that it happened.

Now based in Florida, INDIGO’S sound is influenced by the tropical paradise offered by the coastal state. While “Rock The Boat” is essentially a love lost long, it still lives up to its namesake. INDIGO and company do a fine job of transporting you into her world, and embracing you with its scenery. It’s a song that inspires both movement and sentiment, by turn. You find yourself in a bit of a mirage while listening to “Rock The Boat,” as it’s  both immediate and pervasive.

The music video for “Rock The Boat” is a tribute to the Aaliyah video of the same name. In a setting that could almost be mistaken for Jamaica, we see INDIGO flanked by some backup dancers, and then aboard a speed boat. The scenes shift a few times, to what looks like a nightclub at one point. It’s the scenes on the beach that are the most memorable, as INDIGO truly shines. Her presence is massive, and she steals every scene that she is in. Her smile is warm and accepting, and even through camera, she exudes an accepting nature. It’s highly recommended that you check out the music video for “Rock The Boat,” as it helps contextualize the piece.

INDIGO and her collaborators set out with a common goal, and they achieved it. Her magnetism is actually on par with a young Aaliyah as well as the aforementioned Beyonce comparison. She’s young and fun-loving, but also has an accommodating nature. As a song, “Rock The Boat” is as polished and presentable as anything you’ll hear on Pop or R&B/Dance radio. INDIGO sounds and looks like a star in every sense of the word, and you’ll likely want to know more about her, and what she does next. As for now, “Rock The Boat” is available for streaming and download, and the video on YouTube.

Garth Thomas