Boasting the pedigree of an ivy league elitist, Rina Chanel is essentially a tremendously talented young songstress. You could also caption her as an emerging Pop starlet.  Though, she has an innocence and an authenticity that isn’t generally attached to such distinctions, Rina certainly has star qualities. She is multilingual and matriculated at Radford University on a voice scholarship. In short, Rina Chanel has proven to be something of an overachiever.


Her newest single, “Sweetest Of Melody,” shows a more delicate side of Chanel. While it is essentially a novelty piece, “Sweetest Of Melody,” relies very much on its disarming quality, to connect. One of the benefits of the higher education that Chanel has received, is the vocal dexterity and versatility she can showcase. While majoring in the Vocal Arts is not the only way to become a more expansive performer, it does accelerate that process. Looking back on Chanel’s work, prior to “Sweetest Of Melody,” her versatility is undeniable.

“Sweetest Of Melody,” features guest male vocalist, Senghor Robinson, who adds much as Chanel’s sentimental counterpart. The two share a flattering vocal contrast, and accentuate one another’s strengths, stupendously. There was a time when these sorts of duets were Top 40 staples, which can evoke a sort of nostalgia when hearing “Sweetest Of Melody.” Chanel’s and Robinson’s parts are written and performed with equal amounts of competence and fluidity. Both sound like consummate professionals, who can take on heartfelt material, without dismissing the appropriate levels of genuineness.

Musically, “Sweetest Of Melody,” enamors you, before you realize what’s happening. Its unassuming and soothing arrangement, make it a true joy to experience. Things are kept relatively simple, rightfully allowing the majority of the spotlight to go to Chanel and Robinson. It’s the soft and docile tones of the instrumentation of “Sweetest Of Melody,” that provide its foundation of romance, however. I found myself wanting to revisit “Sweetest Of Melody,” again and again, thanks to a structure that gives way to an effortless enjoyment.

Rina Chanel’s vocal performance on “Sweetest Of Melody” is an affirmation of her discipline and training. She is able to transition from thinly angelic, to a husky wail, always maintaining impeccable throat control. Though, “Sweetest Of Melody,” doesn’t require Chanel to utilize the height of her range, she still exemplifies the sheer power of her vocal prowess. You can hear a myriad of influences, throughout, but Rina Chanel possesses enough personality to forge her own identity as a singer. There is genuine intrigue and anticipation when it comes to what’s next for Rina Chanel.

While this is a showcase piece for Rina Chanel, it’s important to acknowledge the contribution of Senghor Robinson. The soft synergy exhibited by Robinson and Chanel is what makes “Sweetest Of Melody,” special. Musically, the song is subtly masterful. Chanel, who is in the early stages of a solo career, is careful to chart every step she takes, for the time being. Based on “Sweetest Of Melody,” it’s so far, so good, for the emerging vocalist.

Garth Thomas