With the Pandemic winding down, many have begun to view their overall wellness through a new lens, and rightly so. The past 2 years have seen an increase in stress-related conditions – many stemming from the impact of fear on the nervous system.

Bringing the body back to its most regulated, calm, and embodied state is a huge conversation sweeping the Coaching Industry, which is set to exceed $20 billion in 2022. The industry has skyrocketed by 6.7% per year since the world was thrown into lockdown 2 years ago. 

Unsurprisingly, people from all walks of life began questioning their purpose, level of health, meaning in their careers, relationships, and where they choose to live. For some Life Coaches, Health Coaches, and Online Business Coaches, the business has boomed.

We, as a collective, are forever changed. And for those who used the time to invest in themselves: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, have come out of the past 2 years with a brand new perspective.

As The Pandemic winds down and new ‘threats’ begin to surface, the Coaching Industry has begun raising its standards. With the lack of potent leadership evident across the Globe since the 2020 catastrophe, Coaches who have aligned with the simple phrase: ‘as above, so below’, realize that if things are going to change on a global scale for the better, the ripple of change must begin with them.

Trending conversations in the Coaching Industry:

+ Mindset tools, without somatic practices, leave the client incomplete in the changes they set out to make. This is changing.
+ Business strategy without shadow work and energy alignment, leave clients feeling unsure in their ability to sustain new levels of income. This is changing.
+ Fitness and Weight Loss programs only go so far, without the emotional regulation to match, binge eating will always return. This is changing.
+ Money and Wealth creation is beyond a set of affirmations and mirror work which in the past has left clients begging for a deeper financial lineage healing and holistic understanding of what true wealth is. This is changing.

3 experts are here to weigh in on the conversation:

Leah Steele: Dial-Up Your Integrity

Leah Steele’s message since the beginning has always been about holistic wealth creation. When the Pandemic hit:  “things that most people believed were safe, stable and secure turned out not to be. Feelings of scarcity were triggered, which activated people’s midbrain, specifically their fight, flight, and freeze response, which in turn negatively affected the nervous system and put it into overdrive. As a result, people suffered mental and physical breakdowns. Light was shown on the importance of health and focusing on overall wellbeing, not just money.”

Her work has always been about the whole person, and this holistic approach to building wealth has never been more desired especially by Coaches. They see the benefit of being well-equipped across all pillars to be true Leaders. Leah is the host of The Wealth Witch Podcast, a top wealth and entrepreneur podcast for women, and has been featured in some of the most influential publications of our time, including Forbes.

Integrity is one of the fundamental values upon which her business is built, and she is leading the charge with the change in conversation surrounding the definition of true wealth.

“Once I became aware that we would be locked down and limited in our physical movement outside of our homes, I began advising clients to take the time provided to focus on themselves, their personal practices, and their connection to source. I did the same. I put my focus on making my mental and physical health my number one priority and as a result, I thrived in all areas of my life. I reminded myself and my clients regularly that we are the most powerful creators in our reality and that regardless of what is playing out on the global stage, our external reality is a direct reflection of our internal reality. We hold all the power!”

Leah finally reminds us that true wealth and leadership is the eloquent sum of all areas of our life coming together to create a masterpiece; miss a piece and the equation won’t add up. The responsibility to find the result lies with each of us as Coaches to be the standard of the world in which we want to live.

Genevieve Searle: Teach Beyond Survival

“Traditional mindfulness techniques are simply not enough for the relentless, multi-layered stress that the pandemic has caused. This is because it’s not just a mental issue but also a physical one; by that I mean it’s not just ‘in our heads’, rather our body is having a physical response and it needs physical support.”

Genevieve’s work is rooted in the amplification of that which is human within us needing to move beyond survival and to complete the work without band-aid solutions. Understanding our unique genetic “wiring” and how our own body, mind, and nervous system works is key to moving beyond surviving to thrive, this is available via cutting-edge precision wellness profiling technology. This powerful, game-changing technology returns wellness to the individual giving clear strategies on how to align our lives to our individual genetic genius. 

However, we also need strategies that work “in the moment”, “Fortunately one of the most powerful and simple tools we all have is our breath; light, slow, deep, breathing through the nose only: directly calms the nervous system. Try blocking one nostril, closing the mouth, and breathing slowly, right down into the belly for 5-10 mins.” Genevieve shares.

She goes on to again remind us of the saying: ‘as above, so below’. Our planet is forever changing and it demands Coaches be a congruent reflection of a thriving whole human and that demands knowing who we are, how we work, and what we need at a core genetic and hormonal level so we can align to this and actualize our soul mission. Change made on a micro level will ripple out to impact the entire collective. This is where we must begin.

Camberly Gilmartin: Lead From Life First

“This conversation is headed towards more and better self-care and attention to physical and mental health, with a strong focus on mental health. Coaches will need to ensure they are skilled to advise others around the handling of growth mindset, flexibility, staying comfortable in uncertainty, and staying connected to their heart – the calm within each of us, our true self and purpose, and the connection to all – abundance.”

Camberly Gilmartin’s energy hits you like a warm breeze that signals the beginning of Summer, a Digital Marketing and Active Change Mentor whose work is grounded in crafting Brand Stories for well-known products and companies, including non-profit organizations. Resonating with where the industry is going, and echoing the advice given herein so far, is Camberly’s encouragement to be more alive in your life.

If the events of the past 2 years have shown us anything, it is the distinction between how we once viewed and pursued success, vs what it looks like today. Coaches are leaders. Ensuring that their leadership impacts people to their core, demands presence in life, optimized health, spiritual connection, financial healing, a regulated nervous system, and a curious mind to withstand and innovate beyond further uncertainty.

Camberly’s final reminder: “the global climate of uncertainty is not going away anytime soon, so we best get ourselves suited to be comfortable there, so we can continue moving forward in action and curate our one beautiful life.”