In this week’s episode of The Rhonda Swan ShowRhonda was having a sincere conversation with amazing guest Camberly Gilmartinabout how being present and in touch with the world around you allows you to live from your heart space. 

Camberly Gilmartin is a partner at Curious Ant Creative, where she crafts brands, product stories and business strategy to increase visibility and revenue for businesses. Camberly believes that the world is ready for change on a massive level. 

Active Change Advocate for parents, teens, businesses, and the planet, and a partner in a Community Garden Project – The Bellevue Urban Garden, Camberly has experienced the power of reconnecting with nature, and how that translated to creating wealth and abundance for the community.

Rhonda Swan: Camberly, our last conversation was about the Wealth book and all of the advancements that came from that. What took place for you when we launched the Women Gone Wild – Wealth Edition, and how was that experience for you?

Camberly Gilmartin: I think the highlight was meeting all the other authors and you in person. And also, this was my first speaking event that I’ve ever done. I just so enjoyed connecting with the audience and being able to share my message to people. I think being able to sign the books that people were saying was unbelievable. 

Rhonda Swan: Okay, so let’s talk about you and your work. I know that you’ve come across studies or even have direct experience with the major companies. Can you share with us how they’re inspiring their teams for innovation and creativity, and how they bring life to the office spaces?

Camberly Gilmartin: I personally just started going back into an office in July for just two days a week. There’s definitely not a lot of nature in the office. I feel like nowadays, people are actually aiming to take a walk before they come into work, or get out for a walk at lunch. And also leave actually on time, instead of sitting around and slogging through more work and more emails.

I think that during the pandemic, so many of us had the amazing opportunity to both witness firsthand the rejuvenation or repair of nature, but also get out there and be in nature, like never before. 

I wrote about that in the Wealth book, though nature’s always been a part of my life. 

For many people, they also recognize what I recognized as a child, which are restorative qualities of nature. Because just a few moments in nature can reset everything for us. 

Rhonda Swan: It gives us such a balance. I think it’s very important for us to be aware of what nature and just being silent can do for your mental stability.

Camberly Gilmartin: I’ve been thinking a lot about intuition as well, and how it plays into all of this – since the intuition book is coming up here soon. 

I throw out the idea of keeping calm in the storm. And that is something I really think we all as human beings struggle with, whether we think we do or whether we think we don’t. I think – we all do, because, let’s face it, life is chaotic. 

And there’s always going to be something going around and coming in at the last minute, like we didn’t expect. 

The challenge of keeping our mindset in a place of calm, nature and beauty – is of utmost importance, because we not only don’t have as much access to nature, but we also get such an onslaught of information thrown at us every day now in our digital world. 

Sometimes intuition just comes in a flash, and if we’re not paying attention, that wisdom can just be lost. So how do we capture that state of calm amongst the storm, so that we don’t miss those intuitive messages when they come across? For me, and many other amazing coaches that teach this subject, it’s all about mindset – it’s realizing that I can only make a change, I can only impact this one moment, right here right now. 

Rhonda Swan: I want to talk about the risks that may come from people multitasking or them not being aware of the things that they’re thinking about. Can you tell us more?

Camberly Gilmartin: We are very intuitive creatures, and we were very wise – our bodies and all of our senses are amazing. Oftentimes, it’s that very first thought, the very first response, that is most likely the best response. However, we like to double-guess and double-check. At our fingertips we have information and wisdom from a million different notifications and websites. So to nurture our intuition –  it comes back to connecting really deeply into ourselves. 

You don’t have to step in to focus on something from nature. Even just having a beautiful flower next to you on your desk and taking a moment to look deeply at the beauty of that flower can immediately connect us to nature and to ourselves. 

Rhonda Swan: How do we elevate our frequency, and be more mindful and present? It’s scientifically proven – we are energy, and we are frequency. 

Camberly Gilmartin: We live in a world that is very mind-centred. But when we come from a heart-centered place, then that’s where we have the ability to truly connect with others, and people can feel the difference. We are at a place in the world where more and more people are understanding and wanting to be communicating with each other on that level.

Rhonda Swan: I’m excited to hear what you’re writing in the next book, Camberly! Can you share what’s “next level” for you?

Camberly Gilmartin: This the journey of saying “Yes!” to being a part of this mission with you. And it has just opened up this whole new journey and community, and purpose, that I didn’t even know existed there for me.

I also love what I do in the branding and the marketing space, and that will probably continue. I’m really enjoying the writing space. But I have found a new sort of passion – is trying to help youth and the young people, who are struggling right now. 

I hope to be able to inspire, I’m not sure in what ways yet maybe, maybe through speaking, but I would love to be able to work with youth and teens, just to help them understand that they really matter. And that darkness that is happening on the planet is a distraction to the beauty and the potential. And that we all have a gift, and it doesn’t need to be valued and weighed. Especially when you tap into this place of connection, you can allow the intuition to kick in and lead you on your path.

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