Described as, “A thoughtful, heart-on-sleeve and thoroughly engaging brand of alternative rock/pop-punk, nodding to what sounds like a dexterous array of influences from across alternative. It’s gritty and relatable, driving rock which interplays smartly with the melodic delivery. ”“Reckless Giants are poised and ready to be your next favorite alternative pop punk band, bringing an explosive and energetic live performance that you will not soon forget!”

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How would you describe the music that you typically create?

We try to make it energetic and catchy with an underlying message that people can usually relate to. 

Tell us about your upcoming single, ‘Your Shade of Lipstick Sucks’. 

It was written about a bad relationship I had years ago. My partner was unfaithful, verbally and mentally abusive and I was made to believe it was all my fault. Eventually I came to the realization and broke out of it. 

What was your thought when you first started to compose the single?

We actually started writing this one back before Reckless Giants was formed. It didn’t fit the sound of the band we had prior so it was shelved. Once RG was formed we brought it off the shelf and it just kinda fell into place. 

What inspired you to create the single?

It’s weird, we didn’t really know what we were making at the time. This one started as the music first and then the melody kinda just happened. At that point it was like “people are gonna like this… what should we write about”. So many people have been victims of gaslighting and it just seemed to work best. 

In terms of the overall composition, what is your favorite part of the single?

There are so many parts that are great to us, but it all started with this swinging drum set that Coty wrote that led to John’s nifty little bass line in the verses. 

When does the single release!? 

October 14th!! Make sure to pre-save it!

Tell us about your process. How do you find inspiration when working to a deadline?

We try to avoid deadlines. We’re in a position, realistically, where we can work at our own pace. We are trying to enjoy that while we can because we know eventually deadlines will become real. 

How have you been able to use social media for this release?

We have this core of fans that have become more friends to us. They have been helping us blast this on Twitter and Instagram pretty well. Within the first week we have broken our record of pre-saves on this song. 

Give us all your socials!
You can find us everywhere, TikTok, instagram, twitter, Facebook, twitch at @recklessgiants. Gotta try to keep it uniform. 


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