Radha Ruparell knows of what she speaks. How she articulates it, however, is what really should catch your attention about her new book – entitled Brave Now: Rise Through Struggle and Unlock Your Greatest Self. Ruparell avoids the typical pitfalls of both the leadership advice and self-help sub-genres of nonfiction, forsaking an authoritative and presentational demeanor for something deliberately smaller, more intimate, and more personable. It makes the content she promotes, simultaneously for the seasoned professional or burgeoning amateur, all the more compelling.

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The autobiographical examples and analogies Ruparell uses in the book are sometimes painfully intimate – particularly her admission of contracting Covid-19 and struggling to make sense not only of the disease ravaging her body, but of the steps going forward within a world that has been heavily impacted by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic collectively. “What is it that stops us from being vulnerable? I can tell you that I felt very exposed at times sharing myself so openly,” Ruparell writes. “When you let someone into your inner world and they see all of you—your fears, your frustrations, your weaknesses, as well as your love, your appreciation, your dreams, and your strength—it is a profoundly intimate experience.” Through sharing such a painfully personal sentiment, Ruparell is able to unlock a sense of trust between herself and the hypothetical reader of the book. Maintaining an expert balance of informed confidence coupled with a more humble willingness for certain practical ambiguities, it makes the sometimes intellectually dense and extensive concepts introduced clear, concise, and lacking in any sort of bluster.

“As we begin to accept our own imperfections, two things become possible in our relationship with others,” Ruparell clarifies further along in the read. “First, when we can accept ourselves, we grow our capacity to accept imperfections in others. Second, when we are feeling more secure with ourselves, we are less likely to project our insecurities on others.”

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Ultimately Brave Now: Rise Through Struggle and Unlock Your Greatest Self succeeds not only because of its strategic methodologies presented, but even more so because of the personal touch Ruparell generously applies. What could come across as a fairly exclusionary reading experience is saved from any spot of dryness courtesy of her purposeful writing style and earnest, empathetic tone. Not just a solid read for those looking to reorganize and manage their life, but a solid read for such activities within one of the most unprecedented times in our history.

Garth Thomas