Minneapolis nurse-turned-businesswoman, Lisa Hill, has created a revolutionary new face-covering with Silverite Global masks.

Infused with silver, these protective face masks add a much-needed layer of antimicrobial protection to wearers and those around them.

As more and more people wear face masks on a daily basis, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, deciding which mask to choose is becoming increasingly important according to Lisa.

“I felt compelled to create this mask after I began to notice people wearing everything from old socks to home-made bandanas as face coverings, materials which could leave them at significant risk for developing bronchial and chest infections. If you are wearing a poorly fitting, unsanitary piece of cloth over your mouth and nose, you may as well wear no mask at all. With all the controversy over masks, I wanted to create a product that would give peace of mind through the benefits of silver. Our infused layers of silver creates a clean environment inside the mask as well as a significant barrier to the outside world,” she says.

As founder of Silverite Global, Lisa Hill has a long history of creating healthy options to everyday challenges, including healthy bed and travel pillows, and even luxury pet beds. As a mother of four, she’s also focused on reducing the “poisoning of the planet” with fibers and materials that fill our landfills and take generations to breakdown. “It makes me incredibly sad to see the amount of discarded masks and gloves — especially in such a short amount of time. It’s horrifying,” she says.

The medical properties of silver have been known for over 2,000 years. Since the 19th century, silver-based compounds have been used in anti-microbial applications. Soldiers during war often put silver coins in their canteens to prevent their water supplies from being contaminated with bacteria. Even today in modern medicine, silver is used in ointments, bandages, and catheter tubing as a result of silver ions and silver-based compounds being highly toxic to micro-organisms, including over a dozen species of bacteria and fungi.

“As a nurse, I wore face masks for over 22 years, and therefore I want my masks to be the most comfortable, positive, effortless experience possible. These are such anxious times we’re going through. Finding the right face mask for yourself, your family and your community should not be one more worry.”

Lisa believes we all have a responsibility to bring all of our talents, gifts and resources to the table. With Silverite masks, she’s doing just that.

Check out the Silverite Mask online:  www.silveriteglobal.com