Bending the rules seems par for the course when it comes to indie rock trio, Prince Bellerose. Pledging themselves to non-confirming to gender roles, as well as re-defining music genres, this band continues to make bold statements in its first single, “Falling In” from the four-track EP Dark Love Songs. Fiercely independent, “Falling In” is a laid-back love song worthy of all its forthcoming accolades.


Feeling like a castaway and completely in-tuned to every note, nook and cranny in “Falling In”, lead singer and bassist Daniel Bellerose stuns. Bellerose’s touch is vibrant, a moody voice turns quickly to a lovely falsetto seamlessly. Something tells me I should go the mile…when we are close you are the moon to my tied, now that my feet are wet, I’m ready to dive, Bellerose sings. The falsetto part comes into play at the second line of the chorus, I, I, I’m falling in, but I’m into deep and I cannot swim. Sounding like a smitten teenager, Bellerose’s brooding bass guitar pulsates like a heartbeat. The emotional journey is just beginning.

Swimming around the bass and Bellerose’s vocals are the Virginia-ham sweet, dripping guitar riffs courtesy of Valentin Prince. Prince also serves backing vocals, as does drummer Joseph Harder. The three of them combined is a near majestic, swirling groove. Harder’s drum work collects like water at the bottom of a downspout, pooling together the other sounds into one. I may have expected a bigger sound from the drums, but the more I listened, the more I embraced the subtle, jazz percussion vibes. Prince’s rousing guitar, too, changes throughout the track. It’s always bright, melodic, but hovers over the drums and Bellerose’s bass guitar. The guitar matches the falsetto, as if it were playing tag or hacky sack with the high notes. It’s catchy and alongside Bellerose’s crisp vocals, a shining beacon in the waters, the sounds project an innocence and unrivaled sincerity. This band is genuinely crushing it, keeping the listener afloat from note one. Not a moment transpires in “Falling In” where I as a listener didn’t feel like this song was the only thing in the world happening. For me, “Falling In” stopped time. Let the world pass me by, I will be here floating, waving to them as I listen to the wonderful “Falling In” with my libation and sunglasses. Wading in their sweet, nectar-like guitar waters, the members of Prince Bellerose royally roll out the carpet for a fun-filled sonic experience.

Stop with the labels my gut says when writing about Virginia’s Prince Bellerose’s “Falling In”. What I can tell you is that this song has remnants of jazz, funk, soul and a lot of talent oozing from each of these musicians. But, alas, this is a solid, completely unified group. A full band. Three individuals or not, they make up an incredibly exciting ensemble. Prince Bellerose is on the top of my radar list, and “Falling In” from the band’s EP, Dark Love Songs should be on your to-do list, too.

Garth Thomas