As you may have heard, Jasmine Ortiz’s latest single “Trick or Treat” has been rapidly climbing the charts and just hit over 500K views on YouTube. We took this opportunity to learn more about this amazing artist and the meaning behind her hit single.

HD: Hello Jasmine, how are you doing today?

Jasmine: I am good, thank you for asking!

HD: Tell me a little bit about your background and what inspired you to get into the Entertainment Industry?

Jasmine: I fell in love with music at the age of 3 when I had my first piano lesson.  I originally starting in acting at the age of 6 and received my SAG/AFTRA card when I was 10. I graduated from one of the top 25 Arts Schools and double majored in Piano and Guitar. I was accepted to multiple universities and decided to enroll at Frost School of Music at The University of Miami. I started off as a Latin-Pop artist and was very successful with over 3 million views on YouTube and VEVO.

HD: What Girl, you play instruments?

Jasmine: Yes, I do.  In fact, I play 5: Piano, Guitar, Viola, Saxophone and drums

HD: Tell me a little bit about what you have been doing as an artist during COVID and how has COVID impacted you?

Jasmine:  Currently, I am a student at the University of Miami.  Normally I would be in class right now, but this semester I have opted to do my entire program online.  COVID has impacted me in many ways including my academic plans, personal, and music career.  COVID has really made me work harder and find new ways to reach out to my fans.

HD: What genre of music would you consider yourself?

Jasmine: I started my music career in the Latin American market and have recently entered the Pop/R&B Genre.  I feel that Pop/R&B fitsme best for the kind of music I want to create.  I am a singer/songwriter and producer that enjoys working with a well-known producer.

HD: Talk to me about your latest song called “Trick or Treat”, is this just a Halloween Song?

Jasmine: Actually, this song has nothing to do with Halloween.  Halloween is actually my favorite holiday and I love dressing up, but this song is all about being “ghosted” in a relationship.  It is about talking to someone and becoming interested in someone just to find out the person on the other side really did not like you or was just playing mind games.  Ghosting has become more and more popular in today’s dating world which can leave someone left being confused, sad, angry, hurt and can really impact one’s self esteem.  I was inspired to write this song because I personally have been “ghosted” and I could not understand why.  It affected me emotionally and the more I talked to people about this topic, the more I realized that this was something that needed to be talked about more.

HD: Very interesting on how you put the Halloween theme to a “Ghosted Song”.  What do you hope to achieve with this song?

Jasmine: I hope that people feel more comfortable talking about this kind of topic and to let them know they are not alone.  Emotional connections are real and sometimes when you meet someone whether it is online or in person, you really hope that their feelings are real and that they are not playing games. The reality is that you can think everything is going well then all of a sudden there is complete silence with no responses that make you start to question your own self-worth.  I hope to be able to inspire people to talk about their experiences and remind them that they do have value.

HD: What upcoming projects do you have coming up?

Jasmine: I have been very busy in the studio creating all new music.  I am very excited for you to hear my latest music and the wonderful producers I have been working with.

HD: Where can people hear your music and follow you? 

Jasmine Ortiz on Spotify playlist 

YouTube 500k streams

Tiktok 50,000 streams

HD: It was very nice meeting you today.  You definitely are very smart, talented, and I know you will be very successful in any path you choose.

Jasmine: Thank you very much for this opportunity!