Life often beggars belief. We are gliding along through the days and years, defying gravity, and then some crisis clips our wings and sends us plummeting to earth, Peter Ruppert’s new book Limitless: Nine Steps to Launch Your One Extraordinary Life is a guide illustrating for readers how you can pull yourself out and away from life’s occasional freefalls without passing any judgment. Ruppert’s point of view and his own life story makes it apparent he regards such moments as part of life’s price of admission and his motivations writing the book are altruistic above all else. His background as a longtime educational professional informs each page of this book and strengthens his inherently solid understanding of human nature.


His insights into human nature are key to the success of this book. Anyone who comprehends what benefits routine can bring to your life will grasp the importance Ruppert places on positive self-talk. It establishes a mental framework you can strengthen over time and fosters a discipline that can serve you in good stead when life reaches difficult junctures. Elements in the book such as this may seem a little obvious when you consider them, but it often takes an author like Ruppert to point out tools we have that we all too rarely consider. We are not helpless pawns in every area of life. Ruppert makes that clear from the outset and many readers will maintain confidence in his ideas even by the book’s conclusion.

He structures the book around the nine steps mentioned in its title. It is the most straight-forward method he can employ for conveying his points and Ruppert writes with a conversational prose style that never talks “over the reader’s head” but, instead, makes every effort to connect with what makes them tick. There is an identifiable ease in his writing style; Ruppert is comfortable with this form and it shows. Each of the book’s nine chapters ends with exercises for the reader to use that helps them better assimilate the suggestions contained therein and even brief reading, listening, and viewing lists.

Supplementary material such as this is no gimmick. It makes the book a more complete effort thanks to its emphasis on interacting with the reader rather than following predictable patterns in the author/reader relationship. It is likewise impressive how Ruppert obviously doesn’t want interested parties to regard him as the final word on the subject and encourages them to seek out complementary but alternate points of view. There is, naturally, a focus on lists throughout the book. It increases the systematic approach Ruppert clearly wants to impose on his method for improving one’s lot in life and is likely to payoff immediate dividends.


Some will consider Ruppert’s ideas far from revelatory. Many readers, as mentioned earlier, will read Ruppert’s ideas and wonder why such things didn’t occur to them as possible tools for overcoming adversity and emerging stronger from the experience. Others will regard his observations with a more cynical eye. What exactly is groundbreaking about this approach? Such readers will likely find more appeal reading his personal story instead of gleaning any particular insights from his nine steps. Limitless: Nine Steps to Launch Your One Extraordinary Life is, nevertheless, an involving reading experience despite any flaws it may possess. 

Garth Thomas