Valentine’s Day is typically an either love it or hate it holiday, but animal lovers can all appreciate Love Your Pet Day that is celebrated on February 20 without any mixed emotions.

With February also being National Spay/Neuter Awareness Month and Responsible Pet Owners Month, we have even more reasons to celebrate our furry friends.

While some of these items are for humans too, they definitely are designed for animal lovers.

Note: We receive no money for any of these gift suggestions. They are included because they are good and we like them.

Hip Hoppin’ Hearties

Hip Hoppin Hearties 5 oz front

Finding portable dog treats that are good for them and that they crave can be really difficult, but the Hip Hoppin’ Hearties from I and love and you are made from the best ingredients, with chicken being number one and having no by-products. They have only five calories each, so you don’t need to worry about over-stuffing your pooch. These treats also have Glucosamine that is known to support healthy joints.

Hip Hoppin’ Hearties can be purchased here for $5.99, but they are available in many stores. Find some near you here.

FurZapper Pet Hair Remover

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Ok, we love our pets, but no one enjoys being covered in their fur when they have somewhere else to go. The FurZapper is a must-have item that easily removes pair hair from all sorts of items. Just toss the cute, slightly-sticky disc into the washer and dryer with your towels, blankets, shirts, stuffed animals or anything washing machine friendly that needs defuzzing and your trouble is gone.

FurZapper is non-toxic, re-usable, hypoallergenic and 100% made in the USA. You can find them in may online and brick and mortar locations for under $15 here.

Huan Pet Tag

A missing pet is scary and can be heart-breaking. The Huan Smart Pet Tag connects animal owners to the Pet Protection Network through their clever app. The app sends the owner an instant alert when their pet leaves home and announce a when they are detected within a 300-foot radius. It also connects members of the pet-loving community to help them help others with messing pets. The tags themselves are cute and come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit all sorts of collars.

Huan Pet Tags may be found here.

Protocol® Dog Treat Launcher

Finding new ways to dispense doggie treats can be really amusing for both owner and pet. Protocol’s Launch Time Handheld Dog Treat Launcher has a compartment for your dog’s favorite treats and the launcher sends them on their way for easy pet retrieval. It also has a carrying cord that makes it a good option for when you are on walk.

Protocol® Dog Treat Launcher can be purchased at JCPenneys here.

CROWN AND PAW- Pet portraits

Portraits of Sophie and Beans from Crown and Paw Pic credit: Jillian Dykhouse Thigpen

Celebrate your pet by turning a photo into a prized piece of original art with Crown and Paw pet portraits. Just upload a photo of your pet, choose a costume and a team of artists will work to create a life-like canvas or poster portrait of your beloved fur friend. Get your pet immortalized here.