“Just decide who you are going to be and pursue your dream against all odds.” – Vandana Luthra, Founder, VLCC

In an industry dominated by men, Lexy Panterra is paving her own way to the top. 

As a first-generation Persian American and granddaughter to famous Iranian singer, Leila Kasra Afsharit, it is no wonder that Panterra is now an international icon. She has collaborated with powerhouses like DJ Snake, Major Lazer, Marshmello, and Lil Yachty to name a few.  Her singles “Where Do You Go” and “More Than You” both appeared on the Billboard Charts, and her new single “Booty On Her” ft. Trina has been gaining traction on SoundCloud (726k+ plays), Spotify (101k+ plays), and TikTok (15M views), with the music video earning over 1 Million views on YouTube.  

On a recent appearance on The Rhonda Swan Show, Lexy Panterra spoke about her journey to overcoming external pressure and finding her way back to being powerfully guided by her own intuition. The secret, she says in her latest hits achieving such exponential exposure, was tapping into her unique gifts and talents, and being firm in the way they were showcased. 

With a strong sense of self, Panterra demands respect within the industry. Through many lessons learnt in the early days of rising to the top of the music industry, she shared with Rhonda how important it is to go into any creative process with clear boundaries and clearly communicated outcomes: 

“Being upfront has made all the difference for me. When I go into any work setting, I am clear that is what I am there for and what I am not there for. I only work with those that respect me and the talents I have to offer!”

Her latest single “Girls”, has been in the works for the past 5 years and releases on May 20, and Panterra is thrilled to announce a brand new US Tour beginning July 17. As she continues to expand her brand and grow her music career with the upcoming release of her new album Sex, Money, & Love Songs, her relentless drive, determination, and raw talent are on track to make her one of the hottest acts of 2022 and beyond.

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