Grammy-Award winning composer and New Age artist, Paul Avgerinos ties together a whimsical mix of modern and breathtaking grooves in the song “Ganesha”. Molding together Indian tones and electronic wavelengths, female vocalist Emma Kiara balances out the back-and-forth during this kaleidoscope of sounds and textures. Painted with rosy rivets and golden-locked rhythms, “Ganesha” sways easily between relaxation and oscillating arrangements. It bridges together the spiritual connections to music and inner peace. Avgerinos proves once again why he’s one of music’s most interesting artists. 


The story of this song rests in the repeated lyrics. The word ‘Ganesha’ is repeated and much like a mantra for yoga practice or Hindu prayer, the word evolves and spins throughout the song. The essence changes, as does the melodic flow. If you’re thinking less is more, then you’re right when it comes to New Age music like Avgerinos, who garnered a Grammy for his album Grace in 2016,  conveys. What he communicates, in my opinion, to the listener is a springboard to mindfulness. It’s a fine thing to listen to the brooding tones meshing together with the bouncy tenors. Kiara’s voice is nearly hypnotic. I loved the way she balances out Avgerinos’ lower-range vocals. All the while she’s singing, he’s overlapping his own voice, as well as the music base. It’s cathartic and rhythmic. They, of course, are roped together in key moments that feel like lighting in a bottle. It can tickle the mind and cement your thoughts all in one jump. It’s breathtakingly honest with a hint of austere.  

Once you start peeling back the layers to this song, one can feel enlightened. With the imaginary walls of this song, Avgerinos really allows the listener to find a way that best fits their mood. For me, this was a song that lifted my spirits, made me feel taller. I can surmise that some listeners might find it necessary to listen to a song such as this to ‘cool down’ for the night, to relax just before their head hits the pillow. I think it can be both and that’s why it’s so intriguing to me to keep listening. I get a different joy from it each time. Where some New Age or classic songs take their time in building a crescendo, “Ganesha” has many mountains that keep stacking up along little milestones and landmarks. It’s a cohesive, energized sound. The grooves almost curl around your mind, opening up like an emerging flower. It’s kind of trippy, but not psychedelic. It’s sinfully eclectic. 


The thrill of victory is for his taking. Avgerinos, and Kiara, have collided all that works best in the New Age genre – and frankly defying all genres. “Ganesha” is one to ruminate, embrace and just invite into your day. He might be based in Connecticut but I found Avgerinos to create a sound that is beyond any state-of-mind. “Ganesha” is excellent and nearly surreal in its ability to transcend emotions. It just doesn’t get much better than that – “Ganesha” is sure to take off. 

Garth Thomas