What is the paranormal and what does it mean to be a witch, a good witch? How do you open yourself to things that many shy away from as they are taught they are not to be looked at too closely, or simply that they are not real.

Patti Negri was just a child when she began to display psychic talents and as she shared with Rhonda Swan of The Rhonda Swan Show, she never had to hide it from her family as her grandmother was also gifted. Patticontinued on to tell Rhonda about her various experiences opening herself to the paranormal and even becoming an educator at University Magickus, an online Spirituality School.

Patti – Psychic Medium and Good Witch – is best known for her recurring role on the Travel Channel & Discovery Plus’s #1 show Ghost Adventures and the #1 paranormal show on YouTube TFIL With Elton Castee. She is the international bestselling author of Old World Magick For The Modern World: Tips, Tricks & Techniques To Balance, Empower & Create A Life You Love. She also has a popular weekly podcast called The Witching Hour and has just launched her second weekly podcast, Patti Negri’s Haunted Journal.  

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Once we were wild, this is the time to re-wild ourselves. To return to our fierceness and truest form and expression as women, come be wild with us. 

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This Episode is jam-packed with pure light along the leadership path. 

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Article by DEZii