Setting up seasonal décor, earlier than usual, is a no-brainer this year. With the holidays quickly approaching, this unexpected Gift-Buying Guide selection will take some of the guesswork out of unique presents to satisfy all ages, spouse, family, and friends. Tap in
to these top recommendations for 2020.

1. Just Jan’s Baker’s Delight

Just Jan’s is an award-winning line of gourmet, handmade, all natural jams and fruit butters. Founded from the home kitchen of film producer Jan Hogrewe, these spreads are delicious and boast a number of uses beyond toast, from cocktails to salad dressings to desserts. With this gift, your relatives and loved ones will too! It includes a beautiful ceramic mixing bowl, biscuit/scone mix, 2 of our spreads, a spatula, recipe cards and apron. Everything you need to whip up some delicious baked treats.

Retail Price: $69

2. Her Highness Pleasure Oil

Make your romance novel fantasy a reality with a little help from ultra-premium, hemp- derived CBD. CBD, a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, works hard to increase muscle relaxation. We’ve also added to our CBD pleasure oil, a South American medicinal plant extract known for increasing salivation—AKA wetness. Put these two botanical powerhouses together in a base of extra virgin Californian olive oil, and you can guess what that means for your nether regions. We worked with a professional female herbalist to concoct the most powerful sex topical women can buy
and tested it (many, many times) to make sure it’s legit. It’s not a lube, it’s an orgasm enhancer. Live your best orgasm. With a lover. A stranger. Or love yourself. Together with 500mg CBD, our Pleasure Oil includes extract of the South American “love flower”, a game changer setting this product apart from all others. Organic California olive oil provides the base. Not latex safe.

Retail Price: $60

3. H2One Hand Sanitizer

H2One is a U.S. based social good hand sanitizer developed with YOU in mind. Our mission is to provide top-tier, effective, moisturizing hand sanitizer for all while also giving back to our communities. Every purchase of H2One Hand Sanitizer enables us to donate a percentage of our bottles to organizations and charities in need. H2One contains 75% Ethyl Alcohol to help kill bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. Our hand gel sanitizer with alcohol is FDA Registered and meets all World Health Organization, CDC and FDA Standards. Our everyday calming lavender hand sanitizer is made with top-tier ingredients like organic Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help keep hands clean and happy. H2One hand sanitizer with aloe dries clean with no sticky residue and leaves behind a pleasant scent. H2One hand sanitizer with alcohol is a quality moisturizing hand sanitizer that helps hydrate and disinfect without some of the downsides of a traditional hand sanitizer gel. Purchase H2One hand sanitizer online today. Browse our hand sanitizer with pump sizes including 1000 ML, and bulk hand sanitizer options, to
find the perfect fit for your needs.

Retail Price $34

4.Benev GF – DNA Serum for Aging and Mature Skin 18ml

GF-DNA Serum is designed to diminish the signs of aging and sun damage by accelerating DNA repair and restoring the growth factors present in healthy, young skin. This light serum contains cotton extract, which is rich in peptides that encourage DNA repair, to prevent premature aging, nine growth factors to help promote firmer, smoother skin, antioxidants to protect from free radical damage, and interleukins to reduce inflammation.

Retail Price $159.00

5. Ryan Rondeo Spice Collection

The gift that keeps on giving! Celebrate the holiday and surprise a friend or family member with Chef Ryan’s Spice Blends! Chef Ryan Rondeno seasoning blends can be used for grilling, smoking, sautéing, braising , and roasting. Its flavors are Ancho-Chili BBQ, Nola Creole Rub, Citrus Herb Rub, Smoked Coffee Rub, Caribbean Jerk Rub, Louisiana Gumbo Rub. They pair well with chicken, seafood, pork, beef, and vegetables. Create innovative dishes with this collection! – Each Rondeno Spice Collection includes a FREE DIGITAL COPY of Spice It Up, Rub It Down: 30 flavorful recipes made easy

Retail Price: 6 for $60.00

6. Dr. Sheila Nazarian’s UV Protection Gloves

These fashion-forward sun protection gloves are reversible black/gold and made of SPF50+ Italian fabric right here in the USA. Use them while driving, getting gel manicures, or walking to protect your hands from UV rays.

Retail Price: $67.00

7. Bluebird in a Box


Description: Established by Virginia Frischkorn, Founder and CEO of nationally renowned Bluebird Productions luxury wedding and event planning, Bluebird in a Box brings back the art of hosting. We love the connection, celebration, and joy sparked by a successful gathering. Now, we’re taking the stress and overwhelm out of event planning by offering our secrets to success learned from years of entertaining for the 1%. Many of today’s popular party kits address singular pieces of the planning puzzle. We take a holistic, 360-degree approach, considering the look, feel, aromas, sounds, and tastes that comprise a transformational, environmentally-conscious event. Choose from a variety of seasonal, festively-themed boxes to transport guests beyond their immediate surroundings and create a magical, memorable experience everyone will enjoy. Shop and follow on Instagram for style ideas, planning tips, and more.Merry + Bright – Blue Bird in a Box: $48This dinner is inspired by twinkle lights and snow-dusted trees, warm pots of cider and gingerbread men, holiday movie marathons and the merry mischief of mistletoe.
Receive our comprehensive digital guide to hosting an inspired dinner party. This exquisitely designed and detailed guide contains all of the instructions and resources you need to plan an evening to remember.• Entertainment Ideas To Engage Your Guests And Foster Meaningful Conversation• Curated Menu Options With Recipes And Grocery Lists• Suggested Beverage Pairings With Cocktail Recipes• Design Inspiration For Styling Your Tablescape• Décor Tips, Tricks, And Product Links• Sartorial Style Guides For You And Your Guests• A Place Setting Map And Recommended Tableware• Editable Paper Printables And Digital Downloads For E-Vites, Menus, Seat Cards, And Gift Tags• Custom DJ Mixes And Playlists• A Planning Timeline And Checklists

8. GoPants, Designer Palazzo Pants – Midnight

The perfect pant: comfort of yoga pants, but with style. Flattering fit, light fabric and fun patterns. Machine washable and wrinkle resistant.

Retail Price: $28.00

9. Becoming the Total Package by Aviva Reimer

Becoming The Total Package is the culmination of decades of intimate and life- changing experiences achieved through Aviva Reimer’s philosophy in personal transformation, personal development, and her highly regarded and renowned matchmaking techniques.
Retail Price: $29.97

10. “Subconscious Power” by Kimberly Friedmutter, Celebrity
Hypnotist and NY Times Bestselling Author Subconscious Power: Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always
Wanted (Simon & Schuster/Atria Books) When it comes to over-taxed busy moms, moms in need of appreciation and those looking to explore a fun, new part of themselves, this book comes to the rescue! Mom will discover the deepest part of herself, her intuition and who she sincerely is at her deepest core. She’ll learn fun things like how to find lost items around the house, find great parking spaces or perhaps awaken into a new career or hobby. If your sending positive vibes to your mom for Mother’s Day, this book will deliver a powerful love message to her! In fact, it’s all about
her and she’ll thank you for your lifelong impactful gift! See what superstars like Martha Stewart, Jennifer Hudson and others have to say about the author of this life-changing book for mom! It’s the go-to for those you love in your life!
Retail Price: $17.39

11. LUXIE Beauty


Description: If you’re searching for the ideal gift for the makeup enthusiast in your life, then LUXIE Beauty has you covered with their new Glimmer Set ($80) launching on November 11th! A new interpretation of the Rose Gold Collection with a fresh look for 2020. This set was inspired by rose quartz and the healing qualities and properties that come from the earth’s natural creation. The latest generation of synthetic tapered heads provide extraordinary performance and make this new set indispensable. The Glimmer Set allows you to achieve an array of looks, from the most natural to the most sophisticated and daring.

 12. Manna Kadar Cosmetics


Description: Releasing October 15th from Manna Kadar Cosmetics (MKC), discover anti-bacterial protection that’s powerful enough to eliminate 99.9% of common germs, yet gentle enough to soften hands with an infusion of sea minerals, and a delicate scent of bright pomegranate. Now, explore an everyday anti-bacterial collection featuring rich sea minerals and a light burst of pomegranate with a trademark elegant aesthetic that fits seamlessly with any decor. Price: starting at 24$.



Description: From Rock & Republic Co-Founder Andréa Bernholtz comes SWIMINISTA, an all-new collection of comfortable, ultra-chic swimwear made from luxury recycled fabrics and featuring adjustable, personalized fits in sizes A-DDD. In an effort to give women the confidence to celebrate their own bodies while reducing the swim industry’s impact on the planet, SWIMINISTA relies on high-quality fabric made from post-consumer plastics to create sexy, supportive pieces made for movement. Using the SWIMINISTA personalized fit guide, shoppers can select their ideal style and enter details about their jeans and bra sizes to easily find the right suit to complement their unique body. Through the company’s discrete “Try At Home” option, shoppers can choose a selection of suits to try, decide which to keep and send back the rest. Discover the new era of eco-conscious, supportive swimwear in the SWIMINISTA online shop, along with care tips and updates on the company’s efforts to give back, both globally and locally. Shop the SWIMINISTA collection exclusively at and follow on Instagram @SWIMINISTA for style ideas, new releases, and brand updates.

Price: Starting at $72

14. InstaSteamDeveloped by 22-year old entrepreneur Ari Hirsch, InstaSteam is the world’s first hands-free, electricity-free clothing steamer that smoothes wrinkles and deodorizes in just 15-30 seconds using mineral-based, non-toxic ingredients.Shop InstaSteam at and on, perfect for weddings, events, stay-cations, work, school, and more (just $19.99 for a starter kit that includes 3 InstaSteam pod treatments, 1 garment bag, 1 instruction card). InstaSteam pod refills are also available ($24.95 for 5 or $34.95 for 10). Follow @InstaSteam on Instagram for product releases, exclusive deals, and pro tips to “look fresh wherever, whenever.”

15. Ultracor is the revolution in eco-luxury activewear, fearlessly pushing the premium athletic apparel industry beyond previously accepted limits of performance, sustainability, and form-fitting fashionable design. Handcrafted on-demand from start to finish in Los Angeles, Ultracor pioneers the dawn of vertical fashion with a waterless and chemical-free, zero-inventory/zero-waste model that reduces their carbon footprint by 95%. Hypersonic the newest collection starts at 225$.