When you ask musicians what their favorite things are to do, they often want to make out they love the simple things in life. From cooking at home with family to heading to the gym. But the secret is out for a lot of musicians. There are many artists out there that have been spotted at casinos and that love to gamble. This is not a bad thing and it actually makes them more relatable since gambling is something that millions of people love to do. So, here are some musicians that love to head to the casino.

P Diddy

A household name when it comes to rap is P Diddy. He is famous all over the world, born in New York City and known for writing and rapping songs. He has had many hits in his time and achieved a lot of awards for his work. But, in his spare time, P Diddy likes to do more than just hit the studio. Instead, he also likes to gamble. In particular, he likes to play blackjack and he actually was the first person to bet on the new blackjack tables at Harrahs in Atlantic City.

Harry Styles

It does not matter what genre of music you like, you are able to enjoy gambling. In particular, it appears that Harry Styles likes to gamble. When he was in One Direction, he was not allowed into Las Vegas casinos because he was not 21 at the time. This meant that he was not the legal age to gamble here in Las Vegas. Perhaps he would have been better off staying at home and enjoying playing a few slots or a gam eof poker at sites like casino UK NetBet. Since he is older now, he is able to get in anywhere without a problem. But, this was an incident at the time that gained a lot of attention.


Nelly has had a few music hits over the years. While he has gone quiet right now, he is known for being a casino player. In particular, he took part in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas in 2007. While he did not win, he was a high-profile name that was at the event. But, this is not the only tournament he has taken part in. He has also used his wealth to travel all over the world for gambling. For instance, he was in the PokerStars European Poker Tour, as well as the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

CeeLo Green

Last but not least, we have CeeLo Green. He is a singer that has a lot of huge hits out there and people love his fun tempo and songs. Well, you might not be aware that CeeLo Green also likes to gamble in his spare time. In fact, this is where a lot of people think that he got his stage name. In particular, he likes to play cee-lo, which is a famous dice game. So, this might have been his favorite hobby that he turned into his stage name for performing.