West Coast based R&B Singer, Miss Vicky and Marty Obey have collaborated on the new track, “Regret It.” Miss Vicky is a native of San Francisco, but now calls Washington state, home. She encountered some legal disputes with her former record label, prompting her to make a fresh start in a new and presumably, neutral environment. Marty Obey is a Rapper/Singer, with an impressive following and a confident style. He more than holds his own alongside the pristine vocals of Miss Vicky.

This collaboration promises to be a landmark moment in the careers of both artists, as their fans are sure to embrace one another. These types of crossover efforts have become a bit more commonplace over the years. It’s important to remember how exciting it can be for two artists to combine their talents, adding an element to a track that they otherwise couldn’t. In this case, Miss Vicky and Marty Obey complement one another well, making for an organic final product. Both Vicky and Marty bring their respective personalities to the project and the result is softly combustible.

The song tells the story of a couple who are essentially on the rocks. Miss Vicky plays the role of the devil and the advocate, when she warns her lover that his departure would be a regrettable choice. Miss Vicky who has all the sass of Cardi B, but with the class of Mary J. Blige, is a striking vocalist. She packs power into her range, but is as smooth as silk in her delivery. She’s a bit unassuming in appearance, and allows her street wise charisma free rein when the red light turns on.

“Regret It” is tidy and concise, but hardly condensed. There’s a sort of sporadic methodology to the piece that captures the disruption of a true break-up. We don’t necessarily assume these two are done with each other, but all indications suggest that is the case. For his part, Marty Obey portrays the male at his limits, well. His verses are fresh and his delivery is character driven.

The production on “Regret It” is top shelf. This song sounds like anything you will hear on R&B Sirius or otherwise, and has crossover potential.  There’s a down to earth element, thanks to Obey, and Miss Vicky has all the characteristics of a musical diva. The video for “Regret It” is simplistic but charming. In a somewhat comical moment, we see Obey on his Playstation, and a split screen showing Vicky. It’s likely that many young couples would admit to video games being a divisive factor in their relationships.

Miss Vicky and Marty Obey have really nailed the lovelorn duo concept here. The two have genuine chemistry and the subject matter isn’t afraid to explore heavier themes. Miss Vicky is both threatening and sympathetic, which is not an easy duality to achieve. This track should go on to be a significant addition to both Marty and Vicky’s catalog. “Regret It” is now available on Spotify and YouTube.

Garth Thomas