When facing the exam, some candidates worry to an extent of not managing to concentrate on the questions. However, this situation doesn’t come from nowhere: there are common errors that lead to this kind of scenario. To help you identify and avoid these mistakes, we’ve created this post based on the example of AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals test.

4 Common Mistakes Applicants Make

Misunderstanding instructions or phrases as well as wrong time management can bring negative results. So, if you are aiming to earn the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals credential, it’s better to explore probable errors of preparing and taking AZ-900 assessment so as to eliminate them. So, if you avoid the following mistakes, you will not mess up:

  1. Panicking

It is possible to panic the moment you see the exam tasks. This is mostly because you discover there are questions you may not be able to answer. To calm down, focus on what you know. Most probably, you’ll find the solution when reaching those complex tasks but first, make sure you’ve answered all the simple ones. Try to focus and read all the given information attentively, and then you’ll be able to confirm that you have done your best.

  • Not reading or following instructions

This is a common error committed during certification exams. If you wish to answer questions for AZ-900 test well, don’t jump to answering before reading the instructions and understanding them. Sometimes wordings for directions can be a bit difficult. Read more than once to discern the meaning. Also, be concentrated when selecting your responses as they can be tricky too.

  • Not planning your time

Before delving into answering the questions, check how many items you are given since their number can vary from 40 to 60. For instance, if you know that you have 60 minutes for 40 tasks, it will be easier for you to manage your time properly. Try to tackle as many questions as possible and do not overstay in hard ones because otherwise, it will leave insufficient time to do the rest.

  • Not practicing during preparation

Sometimes, applicants end up failing in exams because they did not know in advance what they should expect. However, an issue like getting used to the circumstances of the testing session can be absorbed during practice with special training tools. Thus, you can explore the assessment’s structure and the nature of questions awaiting you through dumps. It will be even more helpful to use the files that can be run in a specific exam simulating software.

ConclusionMost of the mistakes made during the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam arise from either insufficient or wrong training. It also stems from getting stressed when the pressure of the test is too high. To prepare yourself right, supplement your training courses, books, and other resources with dumps. These materials will give you an insight into the real assessment hence reducing your anxiety. Also, you should try to keep the right mindset during the test. Relaxing might seem difficult, but it assists a lot in reading the questions attentively and answering them well. Wish you luck on your certification journ