While stores such as Once Upon a Child and their ilk occupy a valuable place in the retail community for expectant and new mothers to buy quality affordable clothes for their infants and beyond, pregnant women remain underserved.

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MARION changes that. Transformative work in any field of endeavor is often born out of personal experience and longtime school principal and education director Joy O’Renick is no different. O’Renick, pregnant with her first son, scoured the market for maternity work clothes that would maintain the same professional appearance she achieved pre-pregnancy. Her searching frustrated her, but it likewise sparked an idea.

O’Renick’s ideas for maternity wear are conceived with pregnant or breastfeeding women in mind. MARION’s appearance aspires to standards suitable for the boardroom and has utility. It has casual appeal as well ideal for brunches and dinner dates. The chief feature of nearly all MARION wear, however, is “invisible” nursing access. O’Renick’s brand self-identifies as a “Maternity & Mama” brand because of their flexibility; they are presented as everyday clothes yet tailored to complement any pregnancy wardrobe.

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These aspects of the clothing alone make it especially appealing for environmentally conscious consumers. MARION doesn’t stop with one or two items, but rather provides women with other clothing such as tank tops, sustainable leggings, and nursing bras. MARION arrives via carbon-neutral shipping utilizing natural and 100% compostable packaging. They are also in the process of collaborating with Hemster to offer a complimentary professional alteration each time customers buy workwear.

O’Renick has helped steer the company’s creativity to account for the scores of body types in our world. MARION has clothes for both petite and standard body types. They are eying more sizes in the near future. O’Renick is the company’s founder, but there’s no seeking out glory behind MARION’s development. A few moments of inspiration provided the wheels for a business vehicle capable of changing human lives for the better.

MARION also provides expectant mothers with a healthier perspective during one of the most important periods of their lives. Any mother surely knows and even attentive fathers understand that a healthy and happy mother-to-be sets the stage for a healthy and happy child-to-come. MARION’s maternity wear knocks gnawing professional anxieties on the head and enhances a pregnant woman’s sense of self rather than underlining her unique condition at a time in her life when such distractions are unhelpful.

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MARION is even working on establishing a buy-back program that will assist lower-income professional women to in buying gently used MARION clothes at a discount. It’s rare to find brands that bring ideas about sustainability, social equity, individual care, and elevating women to the table that aren’t lip-service in some measure. O’Renick’s company doesn’t just talk about these things. They take concrete steps and make it real. This is a brand with enormous growth potential and, moreover, a talent for inspiring loyalty in its consumers. Hustlers and hucksters of various persuasions will tell you how they care, but their hand is always out, and rarely there to help. MARION, instead, delivers on its promise. 

Garth Thomas