I don’t need you, I don’t need you, repeats pop singer Maggie Szabo. Her demeanor is emotionally reserved. The music bed, well, that’s ramping up for some fiery electric beats dropping off like the Big Apple’s NYE ball. Playing to our hearts and to our minds, Los Angeles’  Szabo, by way of Canada, sings her heart out in the new track “I Don’t Need You (Ryan Riback Remix)”.

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Szabo’s carefree, but sharp as a tack vocals, run around the ascending music bed. The music is rambunctious rhythms, the timbre in Szabo’s refreshingly pop vocals blends like vodka and ice. Her savory voice is made for being a pop songstress. She has the confidence and the blazing attitude to the stage and convert listeners into new fans. This song is a definitely anthemic and leaves the listener feeling empowered.

RYAN RIBACK: https://www.instagram.com/ryanriback/?hl=en

As a dance track, this song has the pickup to keep the listener at a higher heart rate. Riback’s previous work with Starley (“Call On Me”) seeps just slightly into this new song. The collaboration between the Australian-based Riback and Szabo blends very well. He gives her that added unafraid attitude with his zips and zingers. When the beat drops, she’s there to take the listener into oblivion. His sheen stretches across the panoramic view of the track, at the same time, the listener doesn’t lose sight of Szabo’s prowess and personality. The song keeps hankering the listener to come back to that bubbling music bed, that launching pad of electric fever. The tandem music and vocals create a strangely restorative feeling. It’s as if the music bed slices through the pain, cuts through the stress and gives the listener an added bounce. She’s gone through years of pain, she didn’t just wake up and write this song. Her journey has gotten her to this point of ‘enough’. Szabo’s laser focused, can-do attitude is just the fierce vibe this song requires. Szabo’s assurance is strong and the listener buys into her artistic charms. Her drive is infectious.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/i-dont-need-you-ryan-riback-remix-single/1518839121

The thrust of this dance number isn’t necessarily the lyrics – the chorus is repeated quite often and Szabo’s spunk should be revered. Fans of Swedish pop star Robyn will divulge quickly into this synth pop sound. Sounding uniquely fitted for the summer heat wave, this song has the legs to maintain a year-round importance. Looking through the pop music lens, it’s a great track to go head-to-head with anything playing right now.

Szabo’s discography also includes the powerful track “Don’t Give Up”. She wrote the song as a ‘love letter to trans youth.’ Her 2020 “Home” is equally powerful and isolates her voice with a stirring piano bed. You can hear the echoes of a songwriter long devoted to her craft in each note. With a plethora of Ariana Grande-mannequins roaming Earth, it’s refreshing to hear a singer and songwriter with a genuine voice, having reasonable range and annunciates her words. Szabo stands out in the crowd and her friendly voice is just the one you want in your corner.

Garth Thomas