Little Hurt, the Alt.Pop solo project of Colin Dieden (formerly of The Mowglis) has delivered his new album Lovely Hours.  Known for his songwriting skills, Dieden has added a synthetic edge to the focus track “I Can Do Better Than You”.  This made-for-summer gem has great energy, and is addictive from start to finish.  The title cut has an ethereal, urban bounce quality, while “Get Out of My Life” is an alternative rock song that gives an ex their marching orders.  “Laughing at Myself” is a mid-tempo track with a subtle piano line that’s driven relentlessly forward by a solid beat.  Little Hurt has been growing steadily since going out on his own in 2019 and it shows in this new album.

“I Can Do Better Than You” Video:

“See You Again” and “Cooler If U Did” sound like they were written with the radio in mind, and the lush melodies they’ve gifted us with stays long after the music has ceased to play. The production throughout the Lovely Hours albumbrings out the lyrics without overwhelming the sound. There’s no holding back Dieden’s personality, and I love the energy he’s bringing to every performance listed here.


“Buttercup” brings The Ready Set into the fold for what is undeniably the best and most mature-sounding song on this record, and I think it does a good job of showcasing the chemistry these players have working together. Artistically speaking, Dieden has shown growth with each new release – Little Hurt is putting his cards on the table and making it known how much he cares about the material.


Lovely Hours has a solid Alt.Pop nucleus of material that reminds me (at least in part) of bands like Beach Weather and lovelytheband with a more alternative rock edge.  I think Little Hurt is in good shape moving forward in his career. It takes time to develop an identity that is entirely your own but with songs like “I Can Do Better Than You” and “Down Bad For You,” Dieden proves that he is a creative force to be reckoned with, and with time and touring can reach the pinnacle of the music game.

Garth Thomas