Sacramento based indie/punk rock band American High have released an amazing politically charged anti-prohibition song titled “Cheye Calvo.” The song takes a stance against questionable government-sanctioned drug raids that have taken place in the United States, such as the Cheye Calvo incident in July of 2008.

The Cheye Calvo case took place when a large package of cannabis was intercepted in a warehouse, addressed to the then Berwyn Heights mayor, Cheye Calvo’s residence. Instead of intercepting the package in transit, the police allowed the package to be delivered to the residence. Once the package arrived at the mayor’s residence, a SWAT team raided and held the mayor and his mother-in-law at gunpoint, and shot and killed his two dogs, one while it attempted to run away. The event gained national and international attention on the media. In addition, the Calvos were relieved of any wrongdoing, and the police were accused by the Calvos and civil rights groups of lacking a proper search warrant, showing excessive force, and failing to conduct a proper background investigation of the raided home.

American High is bringing light to civil injustice, affecting many low income families unable to fight back, and bringing mainstream awareness to “No Knock Search Warrants” that are barbaric and unconstitutional, all while producing really great pop music for the masses.

Cheye Calvo” follows their 2017 debut album Bones in the Attic, Flowers in the Basement, which follows the band’s political message in word and action. On their website, the band states that “every dime this record generates goes to Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services. Feed the hungry, shelter the vulnerable, teach those yearning to learn.”

Kudos to American High, creating great music with a social conscience. Check out the video for “Cheye Calvo” by American High here:

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