The Help Me Rhonda Show welcomes the incredible Taryn Lee in an insightful interview discussing bridging the gap between science and spirituality through modern day technology. 

Corporate Executive turned Lifestyle Entrepreneur:

Taryn Lee traded 12 years of corporate expertise as a global wellness and economic consultant to top tier companies, to become a successful digital entrepreneur, passionate about helping people navigate the complexities of today’s digital jungle and vibrational wealth and wellness. 

Combining her corporate experience with her love of people, digital marketing and brand creation, Taryn is an international leader within her industry. She has successfully raised project capital for start-up projects and led the launch of several affiliate and digital-based businesses across Australia, Asia, USA and Europe. 

As a true global citizen having lived and worked across South East Asia, China, Hong Kong, London, South Africa and Australia – and with her extensive global network of field experts and key influencers, Taryn Lee lives and breathes entrepreneurship. 

​Today she lives on the island of Bali. She’s the founder of Evolve; an online community of conscious entrepreneurs, Awakin: a digital brand studio and is a Global Leader and founding brand partner of Healy Australia & New Zealand.

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