Atop a canvas comprised of surreal piano keys and, eventually, mild acoustic guitars and a supple drumbeat, Kellie-Anne unfurls one of the most cutting vocal performances of her career to date in the new music video for her single “Legacy,” currently out everywhere top-notch indie pop can be found, and although she’s supported by an instrumental melodicism that could move mountains at the right volume, there’s never a moment where her voice isn’t the brightest light in the track. Kellie-Anne is unstoppably magnetizing in “Legacy,” bound by both moderate grooves and sonic physicality (neither of which have been in supply on the FM dial lately), relentlessly focused on producing as robust a serenade as possible, and if you ask me, hers is one of the smartest new pop ballads you’ll find out of the underground this March.

The music video for “Legacy” is perhaps even more moving a document than the song that it sources its story from, and I’m not saying that solely because of its endearing visuals. There’s an elegance to the production style employed here that goes well beyond what the track called for in the first place, but rather than looking (or feeling) overdone, this video plays out cinematically. Kellie-Anne’s singing is always the main feature in anything she creates, but in this release, she seemingly goes out of her way to exhibit different elements within her creative profile that critics, and even some fans, might have overlooked before.


“Legacy” is a must-see for anyone who needs a little inspiration this spring, and last I checked, there were quite a few of us who can benefit from its narrative and the harmonies that frame it.

Garth Thomas