There’s nothing better than when multiple powerful minds come together to create something beautiful. Recently, 7 extremely influential women shared their knowledge and expertise on the Help Me Rhonda Show, hosted by Rhonda Swan.

She hosts a weekly talk show highlighting conscious brands that are doing amazing things with their gifts and leaving an impact on the world. This incredible show has been featured in publications like Splash MagazinesEntertainment NewsLA Weekly Times, and New York Weekly Times to name a few.

Swan was joined by six other women who formed what they call The Witches of Wall Street — a collective of six powerful businesswomen and leaders who are on a mission to change the way women leadership is perceived and to inspire more women to “Have It All.” 

Each woman has earned their share of accolades on and off the boardroom floor, exceeding multiple seven figures in their businesses and giving back to causes they care so deeply about. 

This Witchy group consists of Leah Steele, Taryn Lee, Soraya Garfield, Michelle Patrick, Sarah Blackah and Tracey Jewel. They all come from a diverse background and work in different industries however, they are all unified by their passion for creating a better future. 

Here are a few powerful lessons we learned from their interview on the Help Me Rhonda Show

  1. Mindset is Everything – Tracey Jewel, Founder of Upself

“Anyone can learn business formulas, marketing strategies, and professional skills,” Jewel said. “But unless we learn to master ourselves first, then the ‘how-to’ stuff in our professional world is never going to work.”

We love what Tracey had to say because it takes more than learning the necessary hard skills to succeed in today’s business world. You also need the right mindset to guide you. In other words, your “how” needs a “why,” your mindset is more than just a collection of thoughts and beliefs. It’s what motivates you and gets you to take action. 

In her book Mindset: The Psychology of Success, psychologist Carol Dweck shows how having a growth mindset can lead you to prosperity. Those with growth mindsets believe in overcoming challenges through effort, learning from criticism, and embracing challenges. 

On the other hand, those with fixed mindsets believe that traits are inherent. They see qualities like intelligence, skills, and talent as innate and unchangeable factors. To them, you’re either good at something, or you’re not, and there’s no use in trying to change it. 

Over two decades’ worth of research Dweck’s theory has proven to be true, that those with growth mindsets become more successful than fixed mindsets. Your daily thoughts and motivations play a significant role in how far you’ll go in life. 

2. Question Everything – Leah Steele, Host of The Wealth Witch Podcast 

“I want my clients to create their own belief systems based upon the real authentic experience they’re having in the world, not what we are programmed and conditioned to believe,” said Steele. “We blindly follow the things that we’re told, but something deep inside us knows what is truly in and out of alignment for us. That internal war between trusting or family, or the people, institutions and organizations we have been taught to be subservient to and our own inner knowing creates instability and fear.” 

Too many people hold themselves back out of fear or doubt. It’s when you start to question the things that you have always been taught to believe are true, that you can truly succeed, says Steele.

3. Frequencies Are The Language Of The Universe and High Frequency is The Language of the Light– Taryn Lee, Founding Brand Partner of Healy Australia

“It’s true, frequency is the language of the universe, everything on this planet, us and every single thing that we can see. A computer, the carpets, the chair that we’re sitting on is all made up of energy. And there is a frequency aligned to every single element of that, that’s why when you can say things, like, science and spirituality and business and all this sort of stuff, we’re all just talking about this unique code, a unique code underneath all of it. It’s almost like the Secrets of the Universe, the language of the universe. If we can tap into that, we’ve tapped into something really special.”

To be a high achiever is to have a success frequency. When I “found” mine, I was able to recognise how it felt and could tune into it regularly so that attracting success and abundance was easy and fun for me. Finding it also allowed me to recognize when I was moving away from it, or why I was moving away from it so I could then take the time to tune back into it.

You will not be able to tune into success and abundance until you find your own frequency codes to live in a high vibrational way. Trust me when I say: When you change your vibration, you will change your life.

The one thing I see in my clients (all high achievers, 6 + 7 figure earners, business success stories and masters of their own inner worlds) is high vibrational living. It is something I absolutely advocate, it is how I live and it runs through everything I teach.

4. Lead Through Integrity And By Example- Soraya Garfield, Founder of LUXE Wellness Concierge

“I want women to feel empowered to do what is in their hearts and to trust themselves. I want women to see that we are all our own super power. I love being the example that there are no failures, just stepping stones to our next adventure. As many times as I have tried I have succeeded because trying was the goal. We can not get to our next adventure in life if we live in FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). We excel when we fall to our knees or on our ass because at least we are in motion. Standing still will leave you at just that. STAGNANT”

5. Learn To Experience Holistic Bliss- Michelle Patrick, Doctor of Chinese Medicine

I believe that through the intimate exploration of our internal landscapes, that in our form in this incarnation, we get to experience holistic bliss. Though supporting the remembrance of this in people, physically, emotionally and mentally, realities of limitation concerning the expansion of self will resolve. Everyone has the right to release patterns of control and domestication around wellness, in order to live their highest and greatest expression.

6. Find Joy In Everything You Do-  Sarah Blackah, Guidess For Women 

My big why is for people to be living in their true nature & purpose. I’m particularly passionate about empowering women to be free of any conditioning around who they think they need to be in order to have the freedom, love, wealth & Health & sense of self expression they desire.”

Last but not least, the final witch and also host of the show shared her top lesson and advice.

7. Be Authentic – Rhonda Swan, Founder & CEO of Unstoppable Branding Agency and host of the Help Me Rhonda Show 

Swan noticed how many entrepreneurs adopted a “fake it ‘til you make it” strategy when social media first emerged. They’d show off by posing in front of expensive rented cars and hype themselves up to be some sort of business guru and cover their true self. In reality, they were pretty average businesspeople who didn’t have the wealth or success they tried to flaunt which showed their true colors of insecurity.

“When you are authentic, you will genuinely attract more people to what you’re offering than when you’re faking it,” she said. “People can smell inauthenticity from a mile away”

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