Successful people don’t invest in projects or material items, they instead invest in people. Austin-based attorney and entrepreneur Mark Hull, has invested in many people along his road to success. “It’s wonderful to be well recognized personally, but my current legacy lays in the businesses and people I have brought up with me along the way.” Hull has proved himself a force to be reckoned with, both inside and outside of the courtroom. After 19 years of practice, and founding his highly acclaimed criminal defense firm, The Hull Firm, this talented powerhouse has been named Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year for a multitude of consecutive years. Calling criminal defense “a dynamic, fast paced world that requires finesse”, Mark Hull is truly living life in the fast lane. While he finds fulfillment in what he refers to as “the redemption of his clients”, his legal career also provides the financial freedom and personal legacy that Hull had set out to attain.

When Mark Hull isn’t in the courtroom, you can find him in one of his Lamborghini’s. He is an avid and very well-known car enthusiast, with an enviable collection of supercars and exotic cars that he frequently rotates out for newer models and releases. Hull’s auto stable generally consists of anywhere from three to six exotics at a time, which he enjoys taking on rallies and tracking at Austin’s local F1 racetrack, Circuit of the Americas.

While Mark Hull does credit his hard work and ability to counsel each client with personal attention to his tremendous success, his forward-thinking mindset is also a large contributor. Hull prioritizes staying on top of trends in categories including business and economics, automotive, digital media, pop-culture, art, and music. He is also a passionate music lover and evolving intermediate guitarist. Hull’s disciplined and determined mindset shines through in his dedication of multiple days and hours per week to enhancing his musical knowledge and growing his skill set as a guitarist. In the recent years, and particularly heavily in 2020, Hull has largely expanded his impressive collection of guitars. A man of many interests and talents, Mark Hull is living a life filled with personally cultivated luxuries. With a modern mindset based on sound principles, Hull has paved his way to legal superstardom, along with being a renowned leader in the Central Texas area, and US automotive demographic. There may be plenty of attorneys out there, but Mark Hull is undoubtedly one who has his foot on the gas, and his finger on the pulse of tomorrow.