The Polygon blockchain NFT project Killer Cat Bengal Club, announced a new plan for releasing prize winnings faster to their holders. Starting this Fall, Killer Cat Bengal Club will award one of the many crypto prizes planned in their roadmap, every 15 mints. Gone is the old and antiquated roadmap which would wait until 25% of NFTs sold to start giving back. Now, for every 15 NFTs that are minted a NEW crypto winner will be announced.

As mentioned in the artist’s blog: It is a new Golden Age for KCBC. Crypto prizes total 130,000 in Matic crypto giveaways and individual prizes range from 65-6500 Matic. Based on today’s crypto value, that’s an average of about $50-$5,000 USD per prize. In addition, KCBC is looking forward to its’ upcoming donation of $1,000 USD to Pet Partners. Again, instead of waiting until the 25% sold milestone, Killer Cat Bengal Club announced that it will be donating $1,000 of the planned donations of up to $25,000 USD now, rather than waiting. Included in the roadmap is still the Tesla Model 3 Performance series as a Grand Prize and other prizes including a Cartier diamond ring worth $25,000 USD and several Oculus Quest 2 VR sets, as per the roadmap.

The founder states that Killer Cat Bengal Club was always meant to be a giving machine and despite the bear market, it intends to fulfill its’ destiny. While other NFT projects have dropped off the NFT scene or are simply playing a wait and see game with the bear market, Killer Cat Bengal Club continues to evolve, pivot and improve along the way, indicating longevity and ultimate success for this project. You can mint your NFT now and be eligible to WIN. The first official crypto drawing will take place on November 4th at 10 a.m. EST. 

About Killer Cat Bengal Club NFT:

The Killer Cat Bengal Club NFT collection was created by the artist to represent her real live Bengal kitten named Honey. Bengals are a breed that’s a mix of an Asian Leopard cat with a domestic cat. Bengals are the only domestic breed that has Leopard markings! 

Honey thinks she is a killer & spends her days “hunting” items & getting into all kinds of mischief! Honey is very special & loves to play fetch! She is the inspiration behind this collection & the reason for the donation to Pet Partners. 

The artist feels strongly about mental health & created the collection when she was suffering from symptoms of a rare connective tissue disease called EDS & Honey the bengal was there to bring her comfort & joy & now she hopes to bring you joy too!

Bring home your very own Bengal killer cat & be a part of the Killer Cat Bengal Club!

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