Kenny Black, Shimmer Johnson and Stephen Wrench’s “Good Ole Love” comes along at the right time as the season changes and things start to open back up and it hits the spot as preparations to put the current crisis behind. Nothing helps better than the healing power of music and this is a great track to get started and hope for more as the year wears on and winds down after a long depressing 12 months. It makes you feel like love can win the battle, so it is not just a song it is an anthem for all good things.



“Good Ole Love” kicks off with a quick beat and it is all an amazing show of vocals from there, which doesn’t take anything away from the music, it just clearly features a lush duet that must be heard to be appreciated. I have never heard these three artists play or sing anything, so I was pretty taken aback once I discovered that. I also immediately looked more into Shimmer Johnson, only to find so much more where she is coming from. I find her to me an awesome talent in her own right and appreciate this song even more after doing that.

I gained a whole new perspective just by finding out some of what is behind this excellent pairing, even though I was already hooked by her voice from the get-go. I am just enlightened by more of it and that tells me if I had already known of her, I would be on board without even hearing it. But the credit for “Good Ole Love” must also be given to Kenny Black and Stephen Wrench for their equal parts because they’re also what make the song go the distance. The three of them just somehow click.

Who does not like a good smooth song with a slow dance groove like this one, it is of the standard in which artists from the 60s to the 80s were essentially good for, without sounding stuck in the past. They are true professionals who know who to write, play and sing with the best. Only seasoned players can come up with stuff this good, and it competes with younger artists too. It only takes one listen to hear what I mean, and it’s worth spin after spin on loop. In fact, I’ll be looking for it to put on my playlist.

The video I watched has lyrics to go with a storyboard that changes quite often as the song keeps moving, with lovers dancing and driving and having a good time. I was reminded of better days and how they always lie ahead, and you cannot get a better feeling from a melody than that. “Good Ole Love” socks and sways at the same time, without doing to much of one or the other, and the recording is precision without being too layered and glossy. I would not change a thing about this song, as I place it up there with some of the best singles of 2021.

Garth Thomas