Jeff Kollnot is the man behind the solo project Kaptain Kollnot. He has been contributing to bands for the last 25 years and is now releasing his latest EP titled Future Human. Altogether the music he plays is in the metal, prog and hard rock vein, with themes that goes into Kollnot’s UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) research and his own experiences with the phenomenon. All in all, there’s definitely something here for you if you’re a fan of the aforementioned genres. The fast drums, high-tail energy of the wailing guitars, and overall, driven vibe of the instrumentals will hit listeners right away.

Future Human opens up with “Black Star Alliance,” where fast-paced drums come raging into this track for an adrenaline infused ride. The sound was really invigorating and even refreshing in some ways. The rush of sounds was also adamant and commanding but not overbearing. The arena-based guitar reels in a very energized sound that rushes in from all sides and angles. I loved how driven and hard-hitting the track was which felt visceral and cathartic. Right away radioactive electric guitars reel in a compelling sound on “Demon of Retribution.” Next, Stu Block’s searing scream-o vocals creates many a headbanger moment that I very much appreciated and in a live setting would have indulged in. The music was exciting and driven all at once. I loved the energy that Block brings in here and was excited to hear what lay ahead..

On “Exodus From Orion,” a marching backbeat creates a driven sound here that grips you from beginning to end. Next, the reverberating guitars arrive for a full-on distorted melee of sounds. I was immediately getting war-like vibes as the instrumentals soars with flight and feeling. Soon, the moving display of vocals takes this track that much farther into hyperspace. Some acoustic guitar lights up the sounds on “Starman (David Bowie Cover)”, which is a departure from the metal-inspired and hard-hitting vibe from before. I was getting more of an alternative feel here. I liked Block’s take on this cover of “Starman.” The melodic riffs and keys made for a great sound. This proved to be a good way for the band to end the EP.

Kollnot and the musicians helping him out on this endeavor clearly know the sound they are going for and go at it with aplomb. The doom metal vibe coming from these tracks were filled with amped energy that I couldn’t get enough of. I was very much impressed by his sound and thought the production was fit. On top of that I thought the guitar work was exceptional. I thought the technical abilities were next level but the main attraction was the creativity within the playing. This album is a gem and one I think needs a lot more appreciation. Hopefully, this review will bring in some new fans for the artist because I certainly became one. The band definitely goes all-out here as they throw themselves into the music. I look forward to hearing more from this artist soon.

Garth Thomas