John Szeluga is a writer, producer, stand-up comedian and occasional performer on truTV’s super hit series, “Impractical Jokers.” He and long time friend Chris Sorrentino produce and host the popular podcast, “Super Live Adventure Podcast”, a once a week hilarious get together with drinks and ridiculous conversation. After 300 episodes one’s  got to realize that the Podcasts is a serious success. I spoke with John regarding the show that he describes as a “collection of fun.”

What was your motivation for starting a podcast and what is that kept you inspired enough to reach 300 episodes? 

I’ve been friends with Chris for twenty three years, and we spent the first ten years doing sketch comedy together. He’s the funniest guy I know. There were so many times that we’d be joking around in a bar or something and people would gather around just to listen, so a podcast seemed like the logical next step. Reaching 300 wasn’t hard because we love doing the show. It’s like my poker night. Once a week, I unwind with my friend. We honestly crack each other up. 

What is the premise or theme of your podcast?

The podcast is collection of fun, ridiculous conversations between two really funny friends. When someone listens to the show, we want them to feel like they’re hanging out and laughing with us in a bar. 

Can you recall the funniest podcast that you have had?

Every episode has its moments, but a few stand out. Our 200th episode was a live show at JHU Comics on Staten Island. We made it an awards show and invited a bunch of our funniest friends in comedy to perform. That was a blast. But Chris and I really do crack each other up every week, and Chris’ laugh is infectious, especially when he loses it (skip to 01:01:40 of Episode 106: Frookies to hear what I mean).

What was the most intense podcast related to?

We did a live show right after Chris’ father died. On another episode, Jay Miller and I hashed it out after having a disagreement. We also talked to comedian Jessica Watkins about her walk across America. Those are really interesting episodes with some intense moments. That being said, our focus is always on the comedy. At the end of the day, our goal is to make the listener laugh, no matter what.

In this unprecedented time and ultimate lockdown have you had any COVID related episodes?

We had wildlife veterinarian Dr. Marc Valitutto on recently. He spent five years looking for coronaviruses in bats in Myanmar. His story is fascinating. Despite the seriousness of the subject matter, it’s actually really funny in addition to being super informative.

Where do you see the future of your podcast going?

We love doing live shows. As our fanbase grows, we’d like to take the show on the road, maybe even the UK.

How can people listen to you.

We’re on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, along with most other audio players (Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, etc.). There’s a complete list on our website,