Gabriel Saro, the multi-talented artist hailing from Italy, has once again graced us with his musical prowess in his latest release, “I Love The New Years Day” and “Come To My Place,” a collaboration with the talented Charlotte Grisley. Both tracks are a testament to his musical dexterity, blending together a variety of genres into a sound that is uniquely his own.

“I Love The New Years Day” is a gentle track that is perfect for the beginning of a new year. Saro’s skills on the guitar are on full display, adding a soft energy that will still have you tapping your feet in no time. The beat coming in under Grisley’s vocals adds a perfect atmosphere of “throwback” to the track, as things slowly shift back to the 1990s through the single’s timeless production. The track’s lyrics are simple yet effective, painting a vivid picture of the excitement and possibilities that come with a new year — it’s a new year, a clean break, come what may. Grisley’s vocals are a perfect complement to Saro’s instrumentation, delivering the lyrics with a passion that will have you singing along in no time.

“Come To My Place” is a sultry, slow-burning track that showcases a different side of Saro’s talents. The song features a laid-back groove that sets the tone for the intimate lyrics. Grisley’s vocals once again provide the perfect accompaniment, her voice weaving in and out of Saro’s instrumentation with ease. The track builds to a powerful and yet restrained climax, leaving you wanting more. The song is fairly cryptic but it will assuredly hit an emotional chord with listeners, as Grisley puts it all on the line and delivers some of the best yearning vocals of the year thus far.

Saro’s background is predominantly instrumental, which may not lend itself to TikTok trends, but these two new singles with Grisley have the potential to break through the noise and become instant hits. Both tracks have an infectious quality that will appeal to a broad audience, whether you’re a fan of pop, jazz, or anything in between.

Gabriel Saro’s ability to seamlessly blend different styles of music is truly impressive, and he has certainly found a perfect partner in Grisley. One of the most impressive aspects of Saro’s music is his ability to create a mood with his music. Whether he’s playing an upbeat track or a slow-burning ballad, he has a way of transporting the listener to another place entirely. “I Love The New Years Day” and “Come To My Place” are no exception, with both tracks taking you on a journey through Saro’s musical landscape.

In my opinion, Gabriel Saro’s latest release is a triumph. His musical talents are on full display, and the addition of Charlotte Grisley’s vocals takes the tracks to another level entirely. Saro has always been a promising artist, but with this latest release, it feels like his indie breakout is imminent. If you’re looking for music that is both innovative and timeless, then look no further than Gabriel Saro’s “I Love The New Years Day” and “Come To My Place.”

Garth Thomas