This is groundbreaking stuff that you can’t fit into preconceived boxes. Phi Tribe music utilizes a new form, Psycho Acoustic Technology, with the intent of healing those who are suffering or struggling. The project’s individual pieces are attuned to achieve harmonic alignment with Nature’s Golden Ratio, the “Symphony of the Cosmos”, and adjusted to varying frequencies of 432Hz, 528Hz, Solfeggio, and others. Phi Tribe music aims for these specific frequencies in order to restore balance to the listener’s mind, body, and intangible spirit. Phi Tribe music maintains a strong presence on YouTube where the project has amassed over eighteen million views and counting. The project releases new music each week.


“Soak in Unconditional Love” is the title of their latest offering and latches on to the 432Hz frequency. Phi Tribe describes their ambition for the piece as supplying an “… aid [for] your sleep, prayer, and meditation practices”. The heavy use of pre-programmed instruments and synthesizers doesn’t present any barriers for listeners to connect with the music. Listeners unfamiliar with such textures may initially find some obstacles for appreciating the music as there aren’t any traditional moves such as a chorus, a bridge, et al. It doesn’t take long to acclimate yourself, however. The soothing and near-spiritual mood of the music cannot be ignored.

“Deep Sleep | Sacral Chakra | Binaural Beats | Black Screen” is another piece modulated at 432Hz and part of Phi Tribe’s Chakra Sleep Series. The eight hour long(!) piece promises to help listeners fall asleep within 5 minutes and sustain their slumber in a hypnogogic state that balances the listener’s Svādhiṣṭhāna energy as they rest. Extended descriptions accompany each of these pieces without ever lapsing into pretentious intellectual discourse or belaboring the obvious. The instrumental music once again utilizes synthesizers and other pre-programmed sounds Its conceptual inclinations are quite strong; including sound effects such as birds chirping near the end of the eight hours is a nice touch.

Accompanying visuals play an important role in these pieces as well. The aforementioned track concludes with an evocative image of sunrise while others are computer generated in origin. The earlier “Soak in Unconditional Love” is Volume 2 in Phi Tribe’s Soaking Series and Volume 1, “Soaking Series | Relaxing Deep Sleep Music” establishes the musical vein that Phi Tribe explores again in Volume 2, but the effect is even more ethereal and uplifting in this initial entry. “PTSD Relief | Severe Anxiety | Deep Sleep Music” is another eight hour long piece with a self-explanatory goal. It opens with a brief short video intro and mantra that Phi Tribe recommends practicing before the video begins in earnest.

This music isn’t for everyone, yet it is. Many listeners will find it a hard sell due to the lack of recognizable structures common in pop songs. However, any open-minded listener willing to give Phi Tribe’s music and soundscapes a chance will enjoy ample rewards. They are breaking new ground in evolving human consciousness, and it is difficult to imagine a nobler ambition. 

Garth Thomas