Hi Athxna! We are so excited to be interviewing you today! We want to hear about when you’re officially releasing “Santa Baby”! 

Thank you!!! I am releasing the song and lyric video in November on Friday the 13th!!!

What was the inspiration behind you wanting to cover “Santa Baby”?

I always get really into the holiday spirit and I LOVE Christmas music so I wanted to put something out! 

Was there anything you were nervous about when recording it? 

For some reason this song has always been difficult for me to sing. I think it’s because all of the weight it carries from the past performers. I love old music and Eartha Kitt and Marilyn Monroe are just amazing on this song. 

We love your voice! So how did you make “Santa Baby” your own? 

Thank you so much!!! I just tried to be myself and sing it the way I love to sing it! 

We are beyond excited for this release! Please tell our readers where we can listen to “Santa Baby” and follow you for more music and Athxna!

Ahhh I appreciate you!! You can listen to the song on any streaming service but also on my Youtube channel! And you can follow me @Athxnaofficial on ALL platforms!!! 

For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

End of Interview