So great to interview you Maxx! Tell us about your latest single ‘Lover Boy’?

My latest single Lover boy is about your typical player and how I was played by this guy who was the absolute worst of the worst. The song expresses how fed up I am with him and how  done I was with his games and lies. 

What creative risks have you taken that have paid off?

A creative risk that I’ve taken that has paid off is writing about very personal and vulnerable experiences in my life in all honesty. It was really scary to put myself out there in music and in interviews but by doing this I’ve been able to relate and connect with people who have shared similar experiences and feelings which has helped me and the listeners in so many ways!

What are you most proud of in your career?

I’m most proud of sharing my story through my music and being brave enough to do that and also believing in myself I never give up even when times are difficult and low.

Which artists’ styles do you most love?

I really love Ariana Grande‘s whole vibe that she has going on both aesthetically and musically! I also really admire Billie Eilish for being so confident, different, and unique!

How do you keep positive these days?

I’ve actually been staying positive these days by connecting with my fans through social media! I’ve developed a little bit of a fan base and they’re the sweetest people in the world! I’m so grateful to have them and to be able to connect and talk with them. It brings me so much joy every day even in my darkest moments!

Where can our readers listen to and follow your latest music?

You can find me on all music platforms under the name Maxx. And for updates on my music you can follow me on Instagram at Maxx.Nies, on Facebook as Maxx, and on Snapchat as well as Maxx.Nies

End of Interview