How are you making out in 2021 with your music? 

It has opened new worlds of opportunity to us…

What has the difference been between 2020 The NoBS vs. 2021 The NoBS? 

We only reformed in 2020 and then 2021 brought the new record…

Is there anything or one that has contributed to the growth? 

Deb Greco, our manager, has been the creative force behind our new resurgence…

What do you base your success on? 

Authenticity, to our tunes and to the masters of the past…

How has the support of your fans kept you to keep on going? 

Then and now, it makes all the difference!

Any major news to share? 

We are still here… HA!

What do new fans need to stream RIGHT now of yours? 

Suzy Q, Red Hot & Spider and the Fly. 

Where can they keep up with you going forward?


Leave us with one word to keep us guessing about what’s next for you! 


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