Hey Kelley – We know this is a crazy time for most. How are you doing?

Thank you so much for asking I am doing great! I am so lucky that I am living with my band, since we all moved down from Pittsburgh together in November of last year, and being with them has made this quarantine a little more bearable! We are able to focus on our writing and preparing for our shows that we cant wait to perform at and see everyone once this quarantine is over and everyone is safe and healthy!

You have been doing some really cool lives – what has that been like for you? I’m sure a big change form play live.

They have been alot of fun! I know that we all LOVE performing and singing and so being able to have some sort of platform to continue to share what we love to do has been amazing! Performing for me has always been about my love for music and how much I want to be able to share that so even though there are not people in the room physically there with us it is still just about the love for music and sharing it with everyone and it couldnt make my heart any happier.

Has this time allowed you more time to focus in on music or has it been harder to focus for you?

This is a toughie because honestly it has been a combination of both! Some days I wake up super motivated and we practice, write, and film videos for our youtube channel all day and then other days I just sit in my jammies and watch netflix and eat all the snacks!!! Honestly this is such a great test in being able to give myself a little grace and patience and realize that during this time of quarantine I can focus on healing and putting my body and mind in the best possible space and if that means eating snacks one day and working out and writing the next day then that is perfectly fine!

Have you written any new music this year – any plans to release anything?

I have been writing non stop! Since moving to Nashville and being surround by the best song writers it has made me want to write as much as I possibly can all the time! I have written a few new favorites and we are currently in the process of recording them and will be relasing them this year! IF you head over to our youtube channel we have filmed acoustic videos already for some of my favorites ( so a little sneak peek!!!!) which include On His Mind and This Crazy!

What is the best career advice you have received?

I was able to meet Joe Ginsberg at Songathon in Nashville this past year and he said one thing that has really stuck with me and that I always go to when I am struggling which is he has never heard of anyone in the music business making it who has given up. You need to keep working, keep improving and most importantly keep being honest and true to yourself!  This is such a tough industry and surrounding yourself with people who have your back and dont allow you to give up when times are tough is so important!

Tell us your favorite quarantine snack?

This is another toughie!!!! I have been eating so many snacks..but I think two of my favorites include Quorn meatless buffalo nuggets and spicy patties and spicy Veggie Straws! 

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