Where was the first place you ever performed?

Local fairs and venues in my hometown was really the first place that I performed as an artist. I also have fond memories of performing at USO shows on military bases.

What was the song you opened up with?

Probably a Billy Idol or Roy Orbison cover.

Did you deal with any nerves?

If you’re not nervous you’re doing something wrong. I feel like the nerves get you really pumped. 

Is there any funny story that you can recall about that performance?

Not necessarily a funny story but I do remember a little baby ran on the stage and his mother came running after him.

Any mistakes made that you learned from as well?

Be comfortable on stage as far as wardrobe. Just be comfortable that’s all I’m gonna say. 

Do you have any upcoming performances? Virtual or Live?

Virtually I am on the live streaming app BIGO LIVE. I am on there daily not only performing but interacting. As far as live performances, stay tuned. 

What is a comforting thing you think other artists should know that will get better as they hone their craft?

Just be yourself and put out the music that you want. Don’t let people get in your head and try to change you into something that you’re not. When you have a focus, stay on it and surround yourself with people who truly believe in you. 

Thank you for talking with us! It’s always interesting to talk about the beginning years of an artist. Anything else you want to let fans know about that is coming up for you?

My next single”Neon Nights” will be out really soon on all streaming platforms and you will also be able to hear the full upcoming album “Neon Nights” soon! Thank you!

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