Welcome 2Four! We are excited to chat with you today. Tell us all that you have been up to in 2020!

It’s been a big year already! Getting some new music ready to drop in the near future and the rest of the year. Doing more interviews and stuff and just getting in front of more faces and into more ears. This is a very big and important year for me so I’m attacking it full force.

Congrats on the release of Party Time. How would you describe the song?

Appreciate that! I would describe it as one big party. The description is in the name. I go to parties and clubs now and I rarely go to actually party. Most the time I’m just trying to catch a vibe or get inspired or something. This song was pretty much saying, Okay it’s time to party let’s get it and I tried to capture that essence.

It is a big undertaking but do you plan to release a video for the song?

I’m not exactly sure yet honestly. It is definitely a big thing to undertake but it’s a necessary evil and apart of the creative fibers in what I do so we will see. It will depend on a few things and how well the song does and if people would like to see a video that would be a factor as well.

We know you are also a songwriter! Do you write every day? What is your song writing process like?

I don’t write every single day because sometimes I’m just listening to beats or thinking of concepts and melodies and stuff but I’m doing something pertaining to my music every day and I write all of my music. I have a pretty crazy process because it’s kind of all over the place. I sometimes can write songs in like 15, 20, and 30 minutes and sometimes it takes weeks to months. I’m usually at minimum working on 5 or more songs at a time. I’ll start one then stop and start on another then go back and switch and stuff like that. I love writing and creating and feeling it coming together it’s a dope feeling.

Tell us what is your favorite song on the radio right now?

I honestly have no idea what’s on the radio I barely listen to it. I usually catch up to music late because I’m so focused on what I’m doing and I dip into multiple genres so much that I can’t keep up. Of course I know what’s pretty much on the charts, but lately I’ve been listening to music from the 70’s and 80’s. I respect music and the people that do it especially the people that came before me. I don’t let music die on my playlist or in time I listen to songs that I like from whatever time it was put out.

Where we can get our hands on your new music and follow you online?

My Instagram and Twitter is @2fourworld and you can find my artist page on Facebook at TheReal2Four. Check out the website as well www.thereal2four.net

PRESS: bsquaredmgmt.com

End of Interview